We are in that season, where leaders have to become transparent with those that they lead. I believe that until we as leaders can show our scars, our members and those souls that we want to win will not show their wounds. Self - righteousness is among the church and has been for a while, but God has saved and delivered all of us from something, and then some leaders are still going through their processes of deliverance from different issues..... My question is how transparent should we as leaders be??? and should we be leading if we are struggling with some of the same stuff that our people are struggling with?

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I thank you for brining this issue up. I believe that a lot of our leaders in the Body of Christ act as if they are inmune or are so Holy that they nevere expeirencedno wrong doing or struggles. And it gives a false image of what this faith walk is all about.Now lets look at the word of God and we see many peolple used of God who struggled or got into sin and did God banish them from the position he put them in? Search the scripture and we find he did not unless they were rebellious (King Saul) some of us think we are our own saviours and deliverers.
From Prophetess asst Pastor Teloria Williams- thank God for this discussion. I was wondering when we as leaders would get the point. People lok up to us as if we are made of stone-but, if we look back to how we were when our eyes opened up, we remember gentleness and realness. It is time for realness to be back in the church. I went to speak at a Womens Symposium- I was aked to summarize the event . Idid in my own way. I asked a question. {We discussed how to handle your finance, how to check for breast cancer, how to do good parenting}, What about the sisters that are or are not married with a boyfriend that are bing abused. A ahocked look came over their faces but, after I gave my testimony about a bad marriage, I asked those who had been abused verbally,sexually or domestically to raise their hands 2/3 of the room responded. We must regroup and address issues that our people need. Not a lot of fluff but, substance about where do we go from here. We are only vessels. I compare it to a glove. We are a glove and GOD is the hand inside that makes it operate. We can speak to that glove all day long but nothing will happen without the initiation of the hand.

Thank you for your comments.... This is soo true. Thank God for your testimony. We can not be afraid to let God be God through being transparent with the people of God. He brought us from some where and we can not be afraid to tell it.
As long as we live on earth, there will be things that we will constantly have to lay at the master's feet. Of course, this is not a license to sin and do what ever we want to do. God knew every person he called struggles, but he used them inspite of. self-righteousness is a killer amongst the brethren.


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