There are people who are afraid of a ten hours continuous flight; as such, they seldom travel beyond their States, regions or country due to fear of the unknown. They are too careful to a fault to risk anything and to them, it's wisdom. As a result of their limited exposure, their opinions are always narrow and lopsided, lacking practical substance. They are too quick to draw conclusions because they have seen very little and known very little. This is the only group of people one shouldn't expect to learn much from. Until you travel, interact, learn, unlearn and relearn, you would have very little substance in your perspective. Imagine someone trying to describe an elephant by simply looking at its tail. It takes facts to explain truths and some of the facts you need may not be where you are, you may need to travel beyond your little denominational wall, city, state, region or nation to get them. A great mind said, "The world is a book, those who, do not travel, read only one page." That's why; I'm inviting you to come with me and others from around the world to Bamenda Cameroon, 26th of October-1st of November for my 40th anniversary global convocation. Come and let's celebrate and deliberate on serious matters regarding life & Purpose. I can't wait to welcome you to Bamenda Cameroon. 

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Cheers! DrBenard Etta​

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