These are threads that I set up that have a lot of information. The Lord said study to show yourself approved.. First, ask the Lord for understanding, and mean it.. Tell him that you truly in your heart want to know him.. I searched it out for you, all you have to do it read, and believe what you read.. If I lie I go to the fire.. PERIOD!!! I have no reason to lie.. Everything is supported by scripture or history.. You can check all of the info from all of these threads out on your own with your Bible, and the internet, or history books, or encyclopedias.... You can go to my page there are audio lessons.. Just listen to them, and read along with your Bible. There are also video lessons from other teachers who teach the truth like Brother Bouie, and Brother Daniel, and Brother Marlon... If you don't have a Sabbath day church, below is a link to a thread with Sabbath Day lessons online.. LIVE LESSONS.. This is what I used as my holy convocation with God until we got our own church here where I live.. Here is the link to my page: If you have any questions at all you must use this thread to post the question, or post the question on the thread you have the question, and I will get to it.. The creator has made it so I can not reply to emails, send emails, send comments, send alerts.. I can't even reply directly to a person on the forum.. This is part of the reason why I set up this thread, and I have also gotten a lot of emails I can not reply to who want to know how to serve God.. DON'T BE EMBARRASSED... SAY YOUR QUESTION ON THIS THREAD, OR ON THE THREAD YOU HAVE THE QUESTION... WE ARE NOT TO BE EMBARRASSED THAT WE WANT TO LEARN THE TRUTH BECAUSE THE WHOLE WORLD WANTS TO FOLLOW A BUNCH OF LIES... If you want to join our group here is the link, but I have been cut off from send mass emails... There are many more haters of the truth, then truth tellers.. Make this thread your favorite, and study to show yourselves approved.. I love you all who love the Truth of the Lord God of Israel, and his precious salvation by his blood...


The Revived Roman Empire is Here:

Denominations & Religion:

The Mark of the Beast:

Trinity Broadcast Network: False Prophets:

These are the Last Days, REPENT!!!!:

Why did the Salt Sea get renamed the Dead Sea?:

The Rothchilds Bloodline (Descendants of Esau):

The 13 Satanic Bloodlines that have Ruled the World for Thousands of Years:

The Matrix (The Illuminati Structure of Deception):

Man's New Year Vs God's New Year:

Satan, The God of Freedom of the Flesh:

The Wilderness of Sinai (Safety During the Tribulation):

The Catholic Church: The Mother of Harlots II:

The Beginning of the Contruction of the 3rd Temple:

False Prophets in the Church:

A simple Question, Can you get 3 days and 3 Nights from Good Friday Evening to Easter Sunday Morning?:

The Israelites of the Bible and the Jews of Today:

No Law, No Morals:

The Real Bondage: The Animal Sacrifice:

The Bloodlines of God, The Serpent & The Salvation of Man:

Satan's Children:

We have never dealt with the Father:

False Prophets & Black Freemasons:

The Priesthood after the Order of Aaron & the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek:

A Woman's Place:

The True Preacher according to the Bible:


Keys to Salvation: Obeying The Dietary Law:

Sabbath Days , Passover, & High Sabbath Days:

Repenting Baptism, & Obeying:

Obeying God's Moral Law:

The Harlot & the Vituous Woman (Woman of God & Woman of the World):

Different Seeds of People & the Purpose of Man (Reasons for Good and Evil, True and False):

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So, is that what we come to this thread to do... I hope this is a good stop to find out about the True God..
I keep bumping these threads up because they are relevant to truth.. Most everybody on this network post the imagination of their own hearts, and not the Word of God.. Nobody cares for your opinions of the Word.. Post the scriptures of the Precept you are teaching if you are a real teacher.... This is for anybody who post their own thouts of the Word.. Here is the purpose of man: TO BECOME ONE BODY, AND ONE MIND CALLED ISRAEL , TO BE GODS IN JERUSALEM. SOME RULING WITH CHRIST, AND SOME TO ETERNAL DAMNATION..


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