Is there any training to help us understand what God is saying to us, each and everyday?

Is it possible to tune your ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to us? How many different

ways can we take advantage of what God is saying and how to apply it.

This may bring many questions, but it's design is to make us think.

T. Nathan

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Blessings to you man of God!! well this is what i know that God loves us and talks to His people each and every day. from the beginning God was talking to man as we see Adam and Eve. i do always tell people that God treats us as his sons and daughters and at the same time as His best friends, where by nothing can happen to us before telling or warning us.Amos 3:7 Nothing shall happen before i reveal it to my servants the prophets.At times God may keep silent to us incase our  hearts are very far away from Him, and what causes that is sin but as long as we keep ourselves upright with God, nothing will ever stop Him talking to us. God talks in many ways, God talks through dreams, visions, spiritual eyes, spiritual ears, being led on our hearts and at times in His word(Bible). So when God is speaking to us we should be careful as there are many evil powers that tries to hinder us from picking up what God is speaking....we hear but not perceive what He said...... we can take advantage of what God is saying to us by being closer to his anointed  servants, being in the word God and not stopping to fellowshiping.........praying and attimes fasting to keep a big relationship with Him. God bless you Man of God


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