I would like to hear some feedback from those of you who are currently or have previously offered two or more Sunday Morning Worship Services.

Please, share your experiences: (If you have not been personally a part of multiple services, share your observations of others in your area.)

  • Reasons for Launching
  • Steps to Launch
  • Member Reactions
  • Leadership Teams
  • Growth Achieved
  • Challenges
  • Time Periods involved
  • Service Times
  • Unexpected Results
  • Biblical/Scriptural Thoughts
  • Conclusions
  • Etc.

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Hello Sir,

Interesting question:
A few years ago, we launched an effort to have two services at our church.
Without a doubt the pros dealt with the needs of the congregation and the cons dealth with needs of the ministry participant.

1. Resolved parking issues
2. Resolved over crowding issues
3. Enhansed overall attendance because many prefer the earlier option
4. Enhansed the opportunity to have more variety in the style of worsihp
5. Encouraged greater attendance from visitors from neighboring churches who did not have an earlier service
6. Encouraged better communication and organization because the needs of ministry have to be doubled and duplicated

1. The congregation is physically divided. The manifested presents God is revealed by only those who are in attendance. On any given Sunday, one can sing the same songs or preach the same sermon; and without question, the flow of the service feels completely different. Some come to be spectators and some come to be participators. Sometimes the split involves all of the participators showing up at the same service or vice / versa.

2. A greater demand on music ministry and ministerial staff. The prayerful preparations and consistent commitments for one weekly service can be great and this would multiply all prior considerations. When we utilize the same singers, main musicians and principal pastor for both services: we encounter issues surrounding mental/spiritual burn out; scheduled and unscheduled absenteeism and vast and varied availability issues regarding time for preparation and remaining for duration of both services. When we utilize several groups for singing, multiple musicians and many ministers: the demands on the budget are increased. The rehearsal schedule is increased. The demands for coordination and communication is increased. Compiled abilities, common availabilities and combined accountabilities are a constant concern.

3. The overhead cost to open and operate the building are all increased. [Lights, Air and Water]
4. The needs of the support staff and ministries are also increased. Sound staff, Ushers, Greeters, Parking Attendants, Communication, Nurses, Hospitality, Custodial staff and etc will all be impacted by two weekly service.
5. Available time for the church to accept outside engagements and fellowships will be affected by launching two weekly services. The holiday season and special events are not exempt. The regular weekly schedules, rehearsals and preparation will have to be made respectively in conjunction to all other activities.
6. Available personal time for each individual who is involved in ministry will be affected by launching two weekly services. The holiday season and special service are not exempt. Issues around reasonable service should be developed, discussed and decided prior to launch.
7. Last but not least: There are many aspects to consider and no two congregations are the same. Balance is the key.

I would urge you to weigh the pros and cons that I've raised against your own situation. Above all, pray and meditate on the direction that God would have you to go in and know that every issue is an opportunity for improvement.

Great response.
  • Reasons for Launching- To give members that work during reg worship hours a chance to still worship and to allow our associates a rotational preaching schedule
  • Member Reactions-EXCITEMENT
  • Leadership Teams-same as any other service
  • Growth Achieved-15%
  • Challenges-ending in time for Sunday Educational Hour. 
  • Time Periods involved- morning
  • Service Times-9:& 11:45am
  • Unexpected Results-ppl staying over for the second service and an increase in our Educational hour
  • Biblical/Scriptural Thoughts- Jesus went from town to town preaching in the morning one place and later that eve some place else
  • Conclusions- we have added an eve service becuase some couldnt get to the the AM service so we now have 3 and we are a small church but diff crowds at all services
I have had three services a day. You pickup those that can not make the time that you are having service and this is good for  those that want to hear the Word. And you can see so much growth in the people.

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There are a few things to consider in doing this (1) purpose and what you hope to achieve. If you are doing it cause somebody else is or to get more members it won't work because of (2) quality. Somehow something can be missed and or Sunday meals become " fast food" and we end up cutting off spiritual flow because the next group is coming and we have to end the service. (3) some pastors and churches do not have the grace or resources. People will have to be trained if compensated for time and adequate, quality resources. (4) available spiritual resources. It will mean you will have to delegate and share. A lot of pastors are not willing to do this and some only want another forum for the spotlight. Having wrote this and you are still leaning to this experience pray, fast, and seek confirmation before going in because nothing is worse than doing it because you want to without getting the go ahead from God.

My Home Church offer Two Sunday Morning Services...and as far as the Flow of the Spirit from one

Service to the next..it Continues.  The Purpose is Saving Souls.. Sure every Pastor and Congregation is not able

to have two services for whatever the Reason; But too those that do are fulfilling a Need within the Body of Christ and to Present anoter Opportunity to be Blessed.

 Salvation does not just occur between 8 am and 11am each Sunday..He is available @ all Times.

God Is Good All the Time 

 All the Time God is Good..Amen.



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i think that morning service has its' advantage and dis advantage. pastors try to cater to the needs of the parishioners. there are those that are not able to attend at the ten or eleven o'clock hour for various reason i.e. jobs, taking care of elderly ill so when those that can't make it at the prescribe hour they can attend an early morning service. God has no designated hour as long as we worship in spirit and in truth. but alot of our churches have shyed away from the evening worship for the lack of attenance. but there was a time we go to church and be there all day. but it seems as though that we want a micro wave service where we want to get in and get out by a certain hour.  seems as though our tension spand has become low when it comes to giving God His do. but this i s the day and age we live in. but on a personal note my worship with Him is everyday from the rising of the sun till the going down of the same. for He is worthy of all praise. so it does not matter whether it's morning, noon, or evening i still give God the praise no matter of the time of day because it' the day that He made and i'm just rejoicing and be glad in it that He allows me to do so.

    Two services may be an option if overcrowding dictates such a need.  If the length of the service is approximately 2 hrs, this should not be a major problem.  I am not a proponent of staying in church hour after hour (all day).  If a preacher is bringing some serious revelation, truth and knowledge, after about an hour you began to play on one's attention span and ability to retain the crux of the message.  Many people who preach for hours and hours have know consideratiion for the congregants and their personal lives.

     I know some churches who try and keep the congregants in church all day.  This is a tactic of control.  The Holy Spirit is also a proponent of decency and order.  Sunday is also a time to spend with your "immediate" family going to the park, lake or have a family picnic after church aside and away from your "church" family.    

pitbull you do make a valid point. but where i orignate from church was the place to be that's what we knew in a small rual area. but we enjoyed the fellowship. maybe now it's seem that some congregations do prolong service longer than they should but we still have the freedom to politely leave without any hinderance of service and to those that wish to stay. be blessed!!


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