I would like to hear some feedback from those of you who are currently or have previously offered two or more Sunday Morning Worship Services.

Please, share your experiences: (If you have not been personally a part of multiple services, share your observations of others in your area.)

  • Reasons for Launching
  • Steps to Launch
  • Member Reactions
  • Leadership Teams
  • Growth Achieved
  • Challenges
  • Time Periods involved
  • Service Times
  • Unexpected Results
  • Biblical/Scriptural Thoughts
  • Conclusions
  • Etc.

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Two services definitely can provide availability to others who would like to come early.  However, I would only suggest this if you have prayed and are led to do this.  This can overwhelm you as a leader if their are not other leaders in position to help you out.  Reason for lauching - hearing the voice of God after taking the vision to the Father, Steps to launching - trying out at the first at least two sundays a month to get started.  Leadership teams- must understand that being in position and alignment is important, of course dedication to the vision.  Growth achieved-  can happen but must be warred over the house in prayer and intercession battling against any terriotorial hindrances that is keeping growth from taken place.  Ask the father to show you those areas.  Challenges- will always be, but stay vigilant and observant at all times,  intercessors should always be on the post.  Nip what is seen right then and there and don't let the enemy take over..Last but not least:   Strategy is the key, you believe it, declare it and decree it  Establish it.  Blessings

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Just recently this year we have an 8am and an 11am service.  Pastor felt led to have another service even in spite of the naysayers who felt we would never get enough people to come to that service to make it worthwhile.  Well I thank God I do not put my trust in man.  Sometimes our 8am service is packed more than our 11am.  People are making the effort to attend the 8am service instead of the 11am.  One main issue I see with the 11am is people are still groggy and half sleep.  Now that could be because of a number of reasons, but for sake of argument I will just say lack of sleep.  I have watched Pastor try and "wake up the congregation" some mornings.  Oh and please don't let it rain that morning then the mood really shifts.

As of late the 8am services are being used for us associate ministers to preach.  This we get much needed training and practice.  One thing that I see as a problem, more than likely just our church, is people tend to leave after the 8am service and not stay for Sunday School.  it is already hard enough to get this generation to come before church, 11am service, but right after church, 8am service, is a whole different matter altogether.  

I do believe the 8am service is here to stay at my home church and I am praying that it will continue to grow and more of the city will come to hear the word regardless of what time they come.

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