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Ultimate Cycler is a cause-marketing affinity program provided by Peter Wolfing, Multiplex System Inc., a 14 ½ yr old debt free company with a AAA Better Business Rating that allows non-profit and for profit organizations to secure new financial resources to fulfill their own mission.

Our Mission
Ultimate Cycler will provide a win-win situation for organizations and their supporters. While offering supporters, members and employees of your organization a chance to achieve financial freedom by leveraging money together.   (Matthew 18:19) If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you. 

Who’s Eligible?

Any type of organization that wants to support a cause in their community can apply to become a  Ultimate Cycler participant. We offer this revenue-generating opportunity to a wide range of groups and do not discriminate by size or type of organization. Our selection process focuses on the commitment of an organization to raise new proceeds and provide benefits to its supporters.

Ultimate Cycler participants include:
Religious groups 
Service organization
Educational institutions
Civic groups and more

Ultimate Cycler $25 One-time investment is a revolutionary fundraising and revenue generation program that doesn’t ask supporters to do anything but “Word of Mouth Advertising” by referring 2 other people who do the same thing refer 2 other people to join the fundraiser. For doing this the Ultimate Cycler will pay you $100. That’s right $100 if your 2 other people will tell 2 other people etc. to join and pay $25 one-time. Our fundraiser will pay you $50 for every person that you refer that earns $100

How you create revenue

It’s a win/win opportunity:
Your members simply join our Ultimate Cycle 
Your organization can receives a regular Daily Income depending how many new members that sign up that day. You’re paid directly from those of signup immediately thru your payment processor.

How you grow your success over time
Ultimate Cycler provides your organization with: A superior tracking system that monitors the activity of your members and supporters and effectively reports daily proceeds. A program that allows a Ultimate Cycler participant to contribute to the success of other organizations by sharing the program with them and  earning significant additional financial resources. 

The tools we provide to ensure your success
Each participant gains access to: 
The Ultimate Cycler Customizable website 
Virtual Office online to track your program growth

Plus you get all of the things listed below if you ………


 Instant pay!  All members pay each other directly.  No going through the company. 

Compounding income via a 2 x 2 Maxtrx.  The Power of 2 with 100% pure net pay.  

You build it once and keep adding to it.   We realized this year’s ago and have set the Ultimate Cycler Money Feeder system up for you to capitalize on it.  We have made it available for the masses.  

The $25 Wealth Building Program….The Art of Daily Duplication

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