Seldom do we find a book with such balance. It brings a message of end-time events and a wake up call to every Christian. This book comes out of a burden for souls and to proclaim a warning to God’s people all over the world. It is my privilege to recommend this book to all who are serious about their walk with The Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The facts in this book may cause you concern and even bring about some fear, but the Jesus that is found in this Pastor’s message will cause you to stop and think about the time we are living in. This message must be shared with others.

This book UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES is a timely book in due season, that brings a clarion call to the church of God which have literally gone to sleep. The writer of this book draws the attention of God and man to the present state of the church which is the body of Christ. The church today is a far cry from God’s original intention for the church. This book in your hand has a mission of bringing back the church and the backslider to God’s original intention for the church. This book is expository and insightful in regards to the unfolding end time events. Lot of the mysteries that seems to becloud the end time activities will be unraveled. This book brings to fall the appropriate timing of the pre and post tribulation events. We are presently in the technology age. The earth has never known technology at the dimension it presently is and this is the major tool of the anti Christ to reign with on the face of the earth. Our attention is also drawn to the beast and his mark. The church is called to be at alert as concerning these end time events as they unfold. As you read this timely material put together by this servant of God take time and set yourself on fire again as we prepare for the return of the King of kings our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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