Glory to God!!!! The person in the above story is going to be released from jail The courts made a mistake when they gave her wrong information regarding her conviction. Its seems that the laws for drug sell and related issues had been changed after 911(world trade center). They were holding her for perhaps up to 10 years or more based on laws that were inacted years after her drug background and history. Because the courts made a mistake, anytime that she could have gotten were counted as time served. She was in jail 6 months.

Sadly though, the pastor who intially sent her to the mission field tried to take credit for her release. (He had nothing to do with it at all) He began to tell his congregation that he was involved with her release then a member of his church who has inside,inside,inside information and involvement concerning this release stood up and corrected him in the middle of his prideful and dishonest claims. Thank you all for your prayers!


A pastor and his church sent one of their members to a third world nation to evangelize on behalf of the church. The member is a citizen of that thrid world nation but has lived in the USA for nearly 20 years. This person has been a very productive citizen, has been involved heavily and faithfully in the church and its growth. Prior to this member's christian experience and service, they had a background as a drug dealer. Remember, the person has turned their whole life around within perhaps a 10 year period. The person, during their trip to evangelize on behalf of the church was arrested for past crimes and is serving time in jail(okay). My concern is that the church/pastor who sent this person on the mission was asked to help pay for some of the legal expenses (Only$5,000.00 was asked for)... The church has above its operating expenses discretionary funds of nearly 1/2 million dollars. The church and the pastor said no to helping her with her legal fees and have not reached out to be a voice for this woman whom they have seen be productive, viable in the community and valuable in ministry to help her to become free. Additionally, this person has young children who depend primarily on them....

What are your thoughts on this? I am just curious. I have my own opinions but this bothers me...

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That doesnt seem right - if this person is indeed a new creature in Christ and is truly serving the Lord.
I cant for the life of me see why they wont be more helpful.
Maybe during her time in jail - this will be the biggest opportunity for her to evangelize by sharing her tesimony.
And asuredly, she can take to heart and be proud that - she may be in jail for past crimes but not for something she was currently doing. That is a beautiful thing indeed.

But God has allowed this and may the church come together and help her.
Yet when I say church - may be the saints that are not leaders could gather funds (like Paul did that time to take back to Jerusalem to the poor) and she will be blessed and the church would be blessed because they did what the rich refused to do or did not have enough faith to do.
This bothers me in many ways. This shows yet again how the church has lost sight and focus on brotherhood, sisterhood and love and that money is much more important to them. They are not being lead by the Spirit of God and this is wrong.
my heart is broken over can this be? Is there a way to complain against the church that allowed this in the first place. I know I can pray but I'd like to add action to the prayer...surely there is away to expose this mistreatment and maybe shame(provoke) that church into correct action. Lord forgive us!
...surely there is away to expose this mistreatment and maybe shame(provoke) that church into correct action...

I totally agree that the hierarchy must be provoked in some kind of way. And I think the way would be the members instead of giving their offerings towards just things in general - they announce that they are taking up an offering for this dear sister.
That should surely 'get their goat'.
did you ever find out any more on this story? it still makes me sad.
To note: This particular pastor makes minimum $8,000.00k a month. This does not include benefits and other monies that come to him. The church pays for his house which is a 400k house, they pay for his car and etc. You tell me that He can't, even out of his own money GIVE 5k or more to help this woman?
I see that you are a pastor. Do you have access to this pastor's ear?
The reason possibly, and I can't be sure without all the information, could be because of the legal ramifications that the church may incure in becoming involved in this.

You are stating that these are past crimes that this person has committed, so they are not incarcerated illegally?, and understand you are dealing with a third world country? it's not like over here, $5000.00 is not the cure, and that maybe just throwing 5000.00 dollars away.

Please forgive me, criminal justice is my background, and most people don't understand legalities when you are dealing with other countries. I would think that the finance committee and pastor have gotten legal counsel and weighed out some issues that you are not privy to.

Let me also say that maybe it is God's will that this individual see God bring them out and not the church's money
This sounds like she was set up by her pastor/church.
For what reason?
why would the church send her to a place where she had these conviction from the past? they should have know that the police were looking for her. could the church be being quiet because they got paid for "turning her in"?
God! Evangelist, you've taken me to a realm I hadn't thought of!!! If this was a fact, I doubt if the "church" had anything to do it, but now the Pastor or a leader.... and then why would the individual go there knowing they had unclean issues there, they would not be convictions, but charges, unless they had escaped and not done their time ..... which would bring up another issue, if convicted... they're going to do that time, if not, waiting on a trial.....?

Lord in the Name of Jesus, you are the one that knows all about this, right now I pray that YOUR will be done.


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