Glory to God!!!! The person in the above story is going to be released from jail The courts made a mistake when they gave her wrong information regarding her conviction. Its seems that the laws for drug sell and related issues had been changed after 911(world trade center). They were holding her for perhaps up to 10 years or more based on laws that were inacted years after her drug background and history. Because the courts made a mistake, anytime that she could have gotten were counted as time served. She was in jail 6 months.

Sadly though, the pastor who intially sent her to the mission field tried to take credit for her release. (He had nothing to do with it at all) He began to tell his congregation that he was involved with her release then a member of his church who has inside,inside,inside information and involvement concerning this release stood up and corrected him in the middle of his prideful and dishonest claims. Thank you all for your prayers!


A pastor and his church sent one of their members to a third world nation to evangelize on behalf of the church. The member is a citizen of that thrid world nation but has lived in the USA for nearly 20 years. This person has been a very productive citizen, has been involved heavily and faithfully in the church and its growth. Prior to this member's christian experience and service, they had a background as a drug dealer. Remember, the person has turned their whole life around within perhaps a 10 year period. The person, during their trip to evangelize on behalf of the church was arrested for past crimes and is serving time in jail(okay). My concern is that the church/pastor who sent this person on the mission was asked to help pay for some of the legal expenses (Only$5,000.00 was asked for)... The church has above its operating expenses discretionary funds of nearly 1/2 million dollars. The church and the pastor said no to helping her with her legal fees and have not reached out to be a voice for this woman whom they have seen be productive, viable in the community and valuable in ministry to help her to become free. Additionally, this person has young children who depend primarily on them....

What are your thoughts on this? I am just curious. I have my own opinions but this bothers me...

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I have a few questions about this. First, which third world region did her Church send her to spread the "Good News?" You said Brother Samuels that this woman has been in the United States for many years. Did she become a United States Citizen? And if so, did the extradition department give her any problems when she filed to become a United States citizen? If the Church help this woman they helped send to a third world country to spread the "Good News" with legal fees and her lawyer is successful in getting her out of prison is she a citizen of that country or the United States? I really don't understand why the Church nor the Pastor wouldn't reach out and be a voice for this woman and look after her children, if not for anything else for the sake of being a Evangelical Christian a so-called believer who holds to the inspiration, inerrancy, and authority of Scripture, the Trinity, the deity of Christ, and salvation by grace through faith. I guess it depends on what Church she belongs to because In western culture today, there are many caricatures of Evangelical Christians. For some, the term "evangelical Christian" is equivalent to right-wing, fundamentalist Republican. For others, "Evangelical Christian" is a title used to differentiate an individual from a Catholic Christian or an Orthodox Christian. Others use the term to indicate adherence to the fundamental doctrines of Christianity.

Yours truly,
Anthony Smith
The more I think about it, money couldn't be the reason the Church or Pastor have not answered this woman cries for help. The Church paid for this woman to travel back to her birth country to spread the "Good News." The Church may have turned their back on this woman because they were unaware of her crimes and was taken back. Give the Church & the Pastor a lil' time. I'm sure they will help this woman.
Anthony, you are a very intelligent young man, you think further than the obvious, and that is a gift. Be blessed
While I am all for helping a fellow Christiian in need, the Pastor and the leaders of the church must use discretion and by all means, research all legalities when dealing with any situation pertaining to criminal laws. Because just as sure as the church bails out one member in this type situation, you can be sure others will follow looking for the same consideration.
Great Point!
please tell me first YOUR opinion can u ??

elisabeth (germany)

P.S. pls pray for my HEALING Healing from Arthritis
i believe the church should help her...its obvious it is the attack of the enemy...its amazing how church folk can be when they can no longer benefit...but even as i type this message i heard in my spirit it will all work for her good...may God show the pastor/church a better way.

alexis michelle dialogues
I'm still trying to figure out how this is an attack of the enemy when she is in jail because of crimes she committed, and did not pay for them...I don't think this can be blamed on the enemy...

Pr 11:3 ¶ The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them.
There is no better test for a man's ultimate integrity than his behavior when he is wrong. Unknown Author

As Pastors we must walk in integrity. We must pray for our fellow pastor and pray he will make this what appears to be a wrong; right. I say appears because I was not there witness and I know as a pastor the whole story is never told when it comes to issues related to the Pastor.
the end to this story was so delicious thank you Jesus for vindication! I'm so glad we got to see a quick end to this horror! Thank God! let us bless Him!


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