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I completed a walk-through with the mall management for the space shown above today (10/26/15).  Because I have not finalized the deal, I am still not comfortable releasing the name of the mall or the location other than it is a mall in the DC/MD/VA region. However, I have provided photos for you so that you can visualize the space.  The mall's management rep wasn't really willing to go down on the rental fees, but I was able to get him to negotiate the time frame so that I would be charged less overall. Here is a breakdown of the mall rental fees:

  • 11/15 - 11/30/15. $2500 for 2 weeks in November and $5,500 for the entire month of December.  This amount also covers the deposit fee and turn-on charge from BGE which I will have to pay separately.
  • 12/1 - 12/31/15.  $5500 for the entire month of December.  This amount covers the cost of BGE for the months of November and December. 

Space Description

I will set-up the space as The Christian Emporium, a marketplace of Christian-themed products (i.e. books, music, apparel/clothing, greeting cards).  Individuals or businesses will have the opportunity to sell their product by either renting one table or splitting the cost to share one table with one other person/business.  No food items can be sold in this space.  

Tables will be aligned the length of the room on both the left and right sides of the walls with space in the middle leading from the front door to the back of the room.  In the back of the room, a small area will be set-up for a few chairs theater style and a microphone for vendors to host book talks or for Christian musicians/comedians to perform while selling their music products. Although the focus is on Christian-themed products, I am willing to make decisions case by case for non-Christian-themed products.  For example, there might be a secular instrumental group or artist who wants to sell a jazz or secular instrumental CD.  I would be open to that sort of product but the majority of the products offered in The Christian Emporium would be Christian-themed. 

There are two bathrooms in the space along with two water fountains. One bathroom will be designated for men, and the other bathroom will be designated for women.  There is plenty of free parking right in front of the store space, and the space is somewhat accessible by public transportation.  Additionally, the mall security officers drive around regularly in marked vehicles and the store space is walking distance from the main mall.  

Vendor Perks

No matter which package you select, you will receive all of the following if you choose to vend at The Christian Emporium:

  • One 6 or 8 foot table (you must bring your own chairs) to physically set-up a Christian book, Christian music CD, or Christian film DVD display from 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. on whatever day or days you are scheduled to sell in our space at the mall.  Keep in mind we may extend hours for the holiday season which means we might open earlier or close later so you will have more time to sell your product; 
  • 100 color flyers to advertise your book/CD/DVD on whatever day and time you are physically scheduled to sell in our space at the mall;
  • One .PDF version  and one .jpeg version of your color flyer;
  • Product name, photo, description, and cost posted on the official website for The Christian Emporium along with a link to your website so that you can continue making online sales beyond the day you are scheduled to sell in our space at the mall;
  • Product photo, cost & and your website info listed in at least two e-blasts to Christian book lovers and the general public;
  • Product photo, cost & and your website info shared via Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, & Instagram at least once;
  • Product photo, cost and your website info listed in at least one brochure;
  • Product photo, cost and your website info listed on at least one post-card;
  • One 250 px or 200 px color ad in at least one edition of Tubman City News (; 
  • Name inclusion and contact information listed in the Tubman City News Business Directory;
  • you keep 100% of your profit and you are responsible for collecting your money directly from patrons as you make sales;
  • you and your customers have access to bathrooms; and
  • free parking

*You must sign a Memorandum of Agreement stating that you know that you are responsible for collecting your own sales taxes and reporting whatever sales you make to the State of MD*

**This space does not have WIFI**

Revised Breakdown of Fees to Rent One 6" or 8" table in The Christian Emporium 

  • 16 days ($90 x 14 days + 2 bonus days)  =  $1,260  November 15 - 30, 2015
  • 30 days  ($85 x 30 days + 1 bonus day)   =  $2,550  December 1 = 31, 2015
  • 47 days  ($75 x 47 days)                        =  $3,525   November 15 - December 31, 2015

  • 4 consecutive Saturdays ($135 x 4 Saturdays) = $540
  • 4 consecutive Sundays ($135 x 4 Sundays) = $540
  • 4 consecutive days/weekdays (Monday - Thursday) $85 x 4 = $300

  • 3 consecutive days/weekend  (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) $125 x 3 = $375
  • 3 consecutive days/weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) $85 x 3 = $255
  • 3 consecutive days/weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) $90 x 3 = $270

  • 2 days (Sunday,11/15 & Saturday, 11/21) $145 x 2 = $290
  • 2 days (Sunday, 11/22 & Saturday, 11/28) $145 x 2 = $290
  • 2 days (Sunday, 11/29 & Saturday, 12/5) $145 x 2 = $290
  • 2 consecutive days/weekends (any Saturday/Sunday combination) $135 x 2 = $270
  • 2 consecutive days/weekdays (any two days M-Th) $135 x 2 = $270

  • 1 day ONLY/any weekday between Monday - Thursday = $95
  • 1 day ONLY/any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday = $140

If you are interested in this vending opportunity, you must pay 75% of your rental fee by Wednesday, 11/4.  The final portion of the rental fee must be paid on the first day you are scheduled to vend at The Christian Emporium.  All payments must be paid via Paypal using a valid ATM debit Card, Credit Card or Paypal account.  

Note:  Some of you may know other Christian entrepreneurs, authors, musicians, comedians, and/or poets who might be interested in selling their products at The Christian Emporium in this mall space.  If so, I would be willing to offer you 15% of the rental fee for every person you refer who pays to vend at The Christian Emporium.  The person you refer must name you on their vendor application as the person who referred you and they must submit payment as directed.

The quicker we are able to fill-up the space, the more time we have to market/promote each of you.  So, please don't delay in your responses.  We want to capture as much of the remaining selling time we can for this upcoming holiday season.

  • Contact Lynn Pinder via email ( or telephone (800-929-1418) to take advantage of this great selling and outreach opportunity!

God Bless,

Lynn Pinder

Chief Visionary Officer

Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) 

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