Dear Brethren,

There is an urgent need for Christians to understand that NOT ALL SAVED PEOPLE WILL INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (Matthew 7:21). The Word of the kingdom (Matthew 13:19) is not about the eternal salvation that we have received by grace through faith. It is about the millennial inheritance promised to us which can be FORFEITED.

Please read the attached article I wrote last year . . . thank you and happy reading . . .

Your brother in Christ in Manila,

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There is not going to be a kingdom in Heaven to have any tears Brother.
She is a flip flopper. She is in it for the conversation, and not edification.

Hahahahahahahah !
How dare you Hez? Hahahaha !
Its just that I am a complicated human being. :-)
Excuses, Excuses.......

Sir, Thank you for caring enough to spend so much time writing this article. I realize that you were honest to your heart and very sincere in your effort, attempting to reach out in love to the edification of others. Admittedly, I only made it to page 3 before I stopped reading. Why?
Well, you make many "assertions" that are not scripture based. You preclude choices with preconcieved conclusions and then attempt to prove your point by taking scripture out of context.
While I do see writing skills in your text, your knowlege of scriptures, in my humble opinion, is quite immature and you do not know your subject very well. I would venture to say that the conclusions you assert are given to you by some man or book, other than the Bible. You are not writing anything new, but the same old arguments construed from a false premiss, "pre-trib rapture myth". If one believes in the pre-trib rapture myth, then their entire eschatology is smeared and scripture in it's whole counsel is not consulted. I have a suggestion for you. I would ask you to read the following sketch or outline. Pray about it, and then contact me here or on FaceBook, and we can discuss it if you like. Please understand that I am not rejecting you, only this teaching you've presented, with obvious belief that this article represents the truth of the Word. As a student of the Bible for over 40 years, to the best of my understanding, I would have to say that it does not teach the whole counsel of scripture and it's conclusions are false. Here's the link...

I welcome your comments, should you choose to read this article to it's conclusion. Thanks.

Humbly before Him,



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