We have so many Pastors today that have not served anyone or know protocol and order

Serving two Pastors faithfully and consistently for 25 years in every area before being released to Pastor concerned about Pastors and five fold MInisters SIngers and Musicians today there motives and knowing protocol and order when we invite them to our Churches.We learned to know them that labor amongst us before inviting them.

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The time is at hand where playing with Gods truth is unacceptable,it is a shame that you church leaders are not qualified to reveal the truth of the word of God leading so many into ignorance and blindness. I'am a witness to your foolery and misinterpretations of scriptures Satan has seeked my life since childhood knowing that the day will come when I am to reveal to many the errors of their ways.Since ten years old I have been locked up attacked used and abused to count me out of a purpose of great importance to the point I have thought of suicide at age 8. With what I know today explains the reason for my trials and tribulations.The parable of the wheat and tare is more real than you can yet understand this is a wake-up call learn the true meanings behind Jesus parable and what in truly meant in John 8:44 its meaning is literal. 

There are many Pastors and Christians that love the Lord take The Gospel serious and try to live according to the Word even in there secret lives. I am one. You are in our prayers

Are you trying to convence me or yourself ? I have not doubted that people don't take the Gospel serious I was talking about the way they understand the gospel. I have no time for you having hurt feeling about my statements there are no secret lives God see all so don't be decieved this is why it is said some things that we do should not even be spoken of it public.I feel for you and your lack of freedom promised by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Greetings Sister. I agree. I believe the web is a gret tool that enables us to network through such a dilema.One by one we can build trust and credibility that can be levaraged into effective ministry for the benefit of all. I be happy to connect online to you. Blessings.
Paul B Thomas

Missionary evangelist (30 years)

We serve such a Great & Faithful God and welcome comments related to the topic.

Hopefully I'm not misunderstanding the point of your post, but a "pastor" who doesn't serve God's flock isn't a shepherd, but a WOLF or a hireling. Jesus warned us about wolves and hirelings in the Gospels, so we must be aware that many of them will come to us in His name (Matthew 7:15-20, Matthew 24:4-5, Matthew 24:24-25). 

The apostles did not serve Jesus for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS before He released them into ministry. Jesus anointed them for ministry IMMEDIATELY after they started following Him. So I would be highly suspicious of any religious leader who wants me to sit under them for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS before they release me into ministry. It sounds like they're insecure, controlling, and view congregants as incompetent to fulfill their ministry.

People faithfully serve religious leaders for years and still don't know Jesus Christ, the Gospel, the Scriptures, nor how to minister. That's because they spent years devoting themselves to men and religious institutions (learning how to do church work), instead of spending time devoting themselves to the LORD and learning how to do His work. What you end up with is a bunch of church folk who are religious clones of their leaders building MORE religious institutions, instead of disciples of Jesus doing the will of the Father. 

As far as "protocol and order" -- whose protocol and order are you referring to? God's or man's? A lot of churches have a protocol/order that totally contradicts what Jesus taught.

You have missed the point,.People today seem so combative  and cant have healthy dialog. I never said people had to sat under a Pastor before being released to Minister. Thats what I did because I did not want to be out Pastoring anyone and areas of my life were defeated. Jesus day was not a day we are living in. People need to be trained mentored and sat under someone  and let some one else see that call upon our lives and release us at the right time. Every one is not called to Pastor. We have to much ship wreck of peoples lives. Refuse to be combative in any  discussion. Want to always  show the love of Christ. We can disagree with out becoming disagreeable. I would sat for years under someone  before I go out before my time and lead people wrong when my life is not in order,.

"People today seem so combative and cant have healthy dialogue"

First of all, don't be indirect by saying "people" when you know good and well that you're referring to specific individuals. And don't try to convince me that you were making a general statement because you weren't. There are only 2 individuals on this thread who responded to your original post with reproof (Paul Wilkins and I). So don't sit up here and hide behind the word "people" to make slick innuendos because you're irritated. 

Second of all, if you were as mature and "humble" as you IMAGINE you are, you wouldn't be so easily offended and overly sensitive when your views are corrected by Scripture. Like most people who claim to be "pastors" -- you only want to hear amens, and anyone who corrects you is labeled "combative" or "coming against the woman of God." Chile, please come off that churchified pedestal. If you want everyone to agree with you and give you an "amen" (even when you're in ERROR), then you shouldn't post anything on a public ministry website. Because Believers are going to compare your views to Scripture and respond accordingly. You need to be woman enough and objective enough to handle it, instead of assuming that anyone who corrects you is "combative."

Leaders like you (who can't handle reproof, rebuke, tough questions, and differing perspectives) is why many churches today can't have a healthy dialogue about pertinent issues -- you can't handle the feedback. You take it personal and play the "persecuted victim" as if people are attacking you. You surround yourself with "yes-men" and create an environment where people are scared to disagree with you and correct your unbiblical views. You probably learned that behavior from the leaders you sat under for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS.

Thirdly, you contradict yourself. First you said, "I never said people had to sit under a pastor before being released to minister." Then you said, "People need to be trained, mentored, and sat under someone and let someone else see that call upon our lives and release us at the right time." Which is it Marietta? Do Believers need to sit under a pastor for UMPTEEN YEARS before they go into minstry or not? Of course you believe that they do. But after I showed you from Scripture that JESUS didn't make His disciples sit under Him for FIFTY-LEVEN' YEARS before He sent them into ministry (He sent them into ministry IMMEDIATELY) -- you saw how ridiculous you sounded and tried to backtrack. The fact of the matter is, nowhere in the New Testament do you see Jesus, the apostles, nor anyone else having saints sit under them for years upon years upon years before they released them into ministry. That's just a tactic that religious leaders use to control, indoctrinate, and micromanage the people under them. 

As for your statement that "Jesus day was not a day we are living in." King Solomon said "there is no new thing under the sun." Human beings have not changed, and the Lord has not changed. He expects His people to follow His example and teachings whether it was 70 A.D., 1530, or 2013. The time period that we are living in does not change the relevancy of Christ's word. Jesus sent His disciples into ministry immediately, and the apostles expected the churches they planted to minister immediately -- which is why Paul wrote 1 Corinthians 12 about spiritual gifts. Jesus nor the apostles wanted Believers to sit under leaders for twenty-five years (while your spiritual gift collects dust) WAITING for them to "recognize your calling" and "release you into ministry." Jesus and the apostles expect the body of Christ to be active and fulfill our ministry. You can't do that if you're waiting for some insecure controlling "pastor" to tell you what your gift is and "give you permission" to do what Jesus ALREADY COMMANDED YOU TO DO in the Bible.

As a side note, I find it weird that you claim to have been mentored for 25 years (and you took the time to put the title "Dr." in front of your name), but your grammar, syntax, and ability to communicate a coherent point (over the internet) are just about mute. I see this all the time among so-called "pastors" on the internet. You all pontificate about being 'properly mentored by the man or woman of God' 'church order and protocol' -- yet your very own words show that you haven't been properly trained/mentored and the titles before your names are undeserved and meaningless. 

I do agree with you that everyone is not called to pastor, and that many religious leaders today are shipwrecking the faith of others. And you are a good example of that. I am concerned for the people you have convinced to sit under you for years on end while you train them up in churchianity and try to figure out what their calling is. 

BE YE HOLY Had A Lots Of Good Points. Do We Have The Faith To Believe God And When It Time To Be Released To Do What It Has Already Commanded One To Do.

The end time will be like in the days of noah many preachers talk about those days with no real knowledge of what it was like then,because the bible we have doesn't address that issue in detail. So they only assume and make their own theologies that they press on the congregations. It is sad to see how the churches of this day fail to reveal the prophesies of the bible and the true intent of the writtings. No one is researching none of the understandings of the bible then they want to lead people, calling themselves prophets,and apostles. I'am tired of all you so called workers of God and don't even know God. This is why Jesus said to some I knew you not,many will come saying Jesus is Lord and many will come in the name of Jesus but they will decieve many.The church is in error and many are beginning to see it,this is my last warning to those false teachers,learn what the bible is really saying. Vipers is what you have become poisoning the people with your lies and misunderstandings of the interpretations of scripture.To truly understand the word will change your attitude of the purpose of ministry.

I admire your comments Dr. Marietta Brown, and the way you refuse to dispute. There are very few Pastors such as yourself. We need more of them today. People who may have a calling on their live sometimes lunch into ministry to quick and all they do is cause spiritaul problems. Thats why I wrote a book call Shattered Can you survive church folks" as a minister I love God yes that is true, but I do know how to stay in my lane. God Bless you my sister. Stay humble the body of christ needs more of it. 

I have spent the last six and a half years studying God's word Day for day atleast five hours a day fasting and praying. Using dictictionaries,commentaries,Greek & Hebrew translation books,Christian theology encyclopedia's along with the ancient study of the beliefs on the hebrews before the teachings and writtings of Moses. Which have been hid by white america because it has alot to do with the prophesy of the blacks in america as the seeds of Abraham and the true existing tribe of Judah. Obama is the man who does that which his fathers and forfathers before him has never done and that is father a whole nation. The scriptures sound nothing like the words that are being preached today the apostles would never be killed if they had a message like your churches of today. The bible is truly amazing because those who attempted to conceal the truth had no idea that all the truth is in the bible,but its interpretations are being manipulated by principalities and powers in high and dark places.Why are most of the people in jail are black are we just bad people and evil by nature? Or has the laws been written in the leading of the children of God in making a mockery of them.Cain is the devil and his children are at emnity with Gods children. If God is no respecter of persons why did he have no respect for Cain or his offering Gen 4:5,Cain is the seed of the serpent there is nothing new under the sun.Check outs Jesus statement in John 8:44 there is only one murderer from the beginning and this was cain.There is so much more to the bible that you who slumber have not understood , but continue to play with religion when there was those who lost their lives to get this information to you! The Gospel of Phillip will enlighten you on how Satan was called the first adulterer.The theologians have decieved the church into believing that the bible is all there is,if this is so then why is the Jeruselem bible,the Hebrew bible,the Ethiopian bible,the Catholic bible and many others have books that other bibles don't have. Wake up !! open your eyes and see,open your ears and hear,free your mind and see the wheat from the tare and understand the parable.


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