Dear Fellow Christians:


What about the Holy Ghost?

Is He over-emphasized or under-emphasized in the Church today?


All of us born-again Christians have the Holy Ghost living in us today because we are the temple of the Holy Ghost.


Why do we not focus on the Holy Spirit today? He's ignored in the Churches today for the most part.

What are we are afraid of? The Holy Spirit is God and He's here to help us, not hinder us.


Why aren't we using the help of the Holy Spirit today in our every day lives? He's here with us to encourage and guide us.


If there are elements in our lives that we're a little ashamed of, then let the power and holiness of the Holy Spirit drive these demonic forces from us. There is absolutely no room for rebellion and other ungodly traits in our character.


Take action now saints and take a trip to the Upper Room and ask the Lord for the same power that was given to His twelve disciples.


Why miss out? Start paying more attention to the Book of  Acts and the grand and revealing chapter of the Bible such as 1 Cor.12:4-11 and 1 Cor. 14 and don't forget to apply the Gifts of God with love. (1 Cor. 13).


It's time for the Church to go forward! These are the last days that God speaks about through the prophet Joel 2:28,29


Let's continue in this discussion until it awakens in us, a complete knowledge of  what God wants for us.


Brother Lou



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Greetings Brother Anthony, 'spot on' as we say in England. Back to Acts for the original and only doctrine, the faith once delivered. This doctrine reveals 'Jesus is God' and no distiction between Father Son and Spirit..This doctrine reveals that the spirit of Jesus is no different than the Holy Ghost. For God is Spirit and there can only be one Spirit. 'Jesus is God' is our message, One God in person and Jesus is God in person! Immanuel 'God' with us. We preach Jesus, and the Holy Ghost is his spirit, .. The Lord bless you...and shake your city for Jesus! (Acts 2;38, 1 Tim 3:16 Is 44:21).
I have been having problems for 7days trying to get on this site to respond to this blog. Thank God I am able today. Brother Lou I enjoy when I read about what the Holy Spirit is and what he will do for you. There isn't enough TRUST in the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT to do what GOD said He will do. The Holy Spirit will lead and guide us in all truth. When we pray we welcome his presence to come into our life. The HOLY SPIRIT exposes what we can not see and shows us our hearts. This is a great ministry that God has given us to have in place of Jesus not being with us on earth. WE must take advantage of this gift because one day God spirit will not always be with man.
Dear Sister Tara,

Your reply expresses such a depth of Holy Truth which is so easy to see for a born-again spirt-filled believer. I'm so glad your eyes are open. Look for an invitation from me to have your friendship.

Brother Louis
is there a sepration between the HOLY GHOST and the HOLY SPIRIT,which one is part of the father and the the power of GOD work in the HOLY GHOST OR THE HOLY SPIRIT? please reply
My dear sister and prophetess, Willie Mae,

Thank you for your query.

May I answer your question with a question?

Can there be a separation between God and God? Of course the only answer should be no.

The Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit are both the same person. They are both God. The "Holy Spirit" and the "Holy Ghost" are used interchangeably. I love to use the term Holy Ghost because being an old-timer in the faith, I use the King James version of the Bible and "Holy Ghost" is the language used in the King James Bible to speak of the Holy Spirit.
For example please refer to:
1 John 5:7
For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.
I believe that somewhere in the Church history, people did not like to use the term "Ghost" since it did not conjure up in their minds, a picture of God whom they knew was a real person and not a ghost. They preferred to use the term, "Holy Spirit" which was more pleasing to them.

I love the Holy Ghost who is God. I love the Holy Spirit who is God. Both terms speak of the third person of the Holy Trinity. Jesus used the power of the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit to perform His miracles. We use the same power of the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit Who is God.

I hope I have understood your question as you have meant it. If not, please ask me again right away.

Thank you for asking. I'm here for you.

Love in Christ Jesus to you. Where do I get this love for you? Rom 5:5 And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

Brother Louis
Great question my dear brother, my passion today is preaching Jesus. Jesus is God! This means there is no distinction between father Son and Spirit as persons, as the Godhead dwells in the one person (Jesus)...(Col2:90) So one cannot be exalted above the others if there is only one Person! Since 'God is Spirit' then the Holy Ghost is the 'Spirit of the Lord' ..The Lord is that Spirit (2 Cor 3:17)....may we be visited by the revelation that shook the then known world... Jesus alone is God!

I agree whole-heartedly. I am presently ata Penecostal church and formerly co-pastored a Nom-n-denominational church. Both places encouraged us to praise ad worship and ask the HolyGhost come in and move through the services. I cosantly pray that the body of christ really get to understnd the importance of this. He lives inside us so He is waiting onus not the other way around. Me an my 18yr.old son,daughter and her husband and a faily friend were heldup in Waffle House at gun point. The gun was aimed straight i my fce but my first thought{Lord you know I love you} and second{take care of my chidren. The robber actually held a conversation with me. He quietly left te premises with some changeof our table, nd a polite okay. This is the poer that we possss through the Holy Ghost bein on the inside. I think all those peole were blessed becuse we were there. Not tat I am so brave but I stay prayed up because you never know when satan come to tempt you with fear. I was calm because I knew in Whom I believed, there wasn't time to mak amend,say forgive me-just seconds. And ifI had to go my mind and heart were clear that I hve fought the good fight. We are in perilous times. Are we CELEBRATING Jesus in church or TOLERATING? God Bless my brother.Pastor Teloria Williams

Pastor T,

I was just reminded of this testimony of yours. So Wonderful. It clearly indicates where our power for holy living comes from. (The Holy Spirit).
It also speaks loudly about the condition of your heart.
God bless you Teloria.

Brother Louis

Praise Him! today it seems that The Holy Spirit for the most part is ignored. Many churches are content with the church running a business as usual routine. It has become the church of Laeodacea. Luke warm and content to be so. What does God see when He looks upon the church? We are to be covered in the blood therefore He should see something that looks like Jesus Christ when He looks at us. How can we justify barely existing-that is what we do when we do not let the Holy Spirit to operate as it should. A great exposure is taking place because when you don't allow the Spirit to fill our churches and our people as BOC then the spirit of Jezebel takes course and runs a muck. This is why there is so much disorder and chaos in the church today I believe. Apostasy is sure to creep in too. We must be alert and recognize what is going on. God Bless!


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