Text: Matt.5:6...Blessed are those who HUNGER and THIRST for RIGHTEOUSNESS, For they shall be filled.
Child of God, its time to get very serious with God. There is no more time to waste. We have to a large extent walked in our own ways supposing it was actually God's way. I also know many of us walked that way sincerely no knowing it was the wrong way. That was possible because we placed our interest above God's interest. Matthew 6:33 says God's interest must come first and other good things of life shall follow after! I found out that until we hunger and thirst for something we can't go for it.
We must make conscious effort to get what we really want. Here, the Word of God says you cannot but be blessed if you HUNGER and THIRST for RIGHTEOUSNESS! Everyone today wants to be blessed, but the Hunger and thirst that guaranty same is missing! The Word of God can not be broken! The Word says it takes HUNGER and THIRST for RIGHTEOUSNESS to get filled! Filled with what you may ask, with every good thing about life and godliness! You want to successful, fulfilled and be the best in what you are called to do, create the HUNGER and THIRST for RIGHTEOUSNESS! It is as simple as that! That is how God wants it. We are here to do His Will not ours! Never forget it is in His plans we derive our purpose! Only in Jesus Christ our lives can be meaningful!
I encourage you today to trade your will for His Will thereby making yourself relevant in your generation! God bless you and yours in Jesus mighty name!

Pst Ikhena Joseph

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