Fred Price once preached about the words in songs and how they can be misleading and lead you in the wrong direction.
He choose one of my favorites as his example Do Not Pass Me By. I was immediately in disagreement with him. Then I thought about what he said and I began, and still do, to examine the theology and christology in the words in the songs I hear. I began to find biblical errors.
What about you?

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What was the error in Do not pass me by? We are talking about "Pass me not O gentle saviour hear my humble cry......correct?
Sorry about the title mix up. As I wrote that I was trying to remember what he said.
That is not the point and it is not only that one song. Work your way through the hymnal and or the songs you know now that you know something may jump out at you.
We should always question and not take what is said at face value and that includes my question on this blog.
There are some modern songs that in effort to make a point they move off message. They sound good but the words are not quite right.
I could go through the hymnal Rev, and I probably will. I was just asking

1. If it was that particular song? and
2. What did he say?

That's all, but the hymnal all have scripture reference with each song, dont they?

But as far as the new stuff I toatlly agree with you.
Rev. Fred Price started this. It was in a tv session some years ago. After listening and reading my AME hymnal I did find a word or phrase that made me say, hmmm. Because a song is inspired by scripture that does not mean it is not follow some "interpretation".
I do not remember his exact words, but it came to mind that he also took umbrage to "Amazing Grace"
but that is Fred Price.
I can only speculate that having a large congregation allows one to assume certain prerogatives that do not exist in reality???
Still it is an interesting thought. I have heard sermons that go far afield and people shout AMEN because they do not know.
This was not a question about a song, please read carefully.
The issue is are there words in songs that may not be biblically correct and this was pointed out by Fred Price what do you think? Examine the songs you know.
I try to stay on subject, but you created another issue.
Jesus used a lot of metaphor, faith of a mustard seed and so on. You, me and no one else are going to be causing any mountains to get up and walk.
Your faith can move mountains in your life. Proper application of faith can allow you to overcome and endure.
I would love to know what explicitly you are talking about with Mr. Sapp?
I do not know the song or the reference, could you expand and explain?
Mr. Luckett you have quit the discussion, I as waiting to hear from you and continue the conversation.
Rev. Luckett,

To he that endureth the same shall be saved.......

Have you ever told the situation to go and then find out you have to go/through that is...........

By the power of the most high Yeshua climbed a hill call calvary/come on now preacher/with an old rugged cross on his back/after asking that his cup be removed............

However I do agree with the Marvin sapp/Yolanda Adams' Mary and Mary etc......Need a change in many of their songs......
Sir, you quoted song lyrics (titles I do not know) out of context and without explanation.
I will not assume to understand your meaning and I hope you will explain.
We are online and not in the same room, exposition is a requirement, I welcome your thoughts so please be clear in your meanings.
Hold up!!!
Now hold up now Marvin is a TRUE worshipper and if there is one artist out there who LIVES the life he sings AND preaches about its Marvin Sapp so don't put him with the rest of those fakes, phonies and glory hogs lol!!!
I know TRUE anointing when I see, hear and feel this and Marvin Sapp has got this. He does NOT play those games when it comes to his prayer life and his worship. I have witnessed his worship and trust me you can't fake that.
I think you need to choose somebody cuz Marvin got it like the Bible says lol!!!
This question is not about artist, it is about song lyrics and only if you sing them.
Yeah for Mr. Sapp, but this not about him.
If God moved every mountain what would we really learn?
How would we learn longsuffering?
if this walk were that easy to just "speak" all the time we'd have way more people on this road.
Some songs are meant as encouragement.
Music is a way (if used properly) as a way to uplift and inspiration.
We need to stop critiquing everything in the church that we don't agree with. If that be the case then 99% of the things in church need not be done.


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