Do you think there is anything Pastor's of the Present time can learn from Moses' leadership over the Children of Israel? The good and bad?



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I feel we all can learn how to have a relationship with God.  Moses saw the handy works of God, but He also knew the mind of God.  The Children of Israel only knew of the handy works.  When they wanted to know what God thought, they looked to Moses.  Today, we all have access to God through His Son Jesus Christ.  But most don't want to take the time and invest to get to know the mind of Christ.  I believe this is a great lesson to be learned.  Moses was powerful, yet he listened to his Father-In-Law for wisdom to govern the people.

How many leaders would listen to sound advice from others?  You have to be meek as well as humble to receive from the Lord.  It's not about what you know, but how you apply it to your life.


Yes! I think that is the biggest key!

Listen to God through the Holy Spirit;not the opinions of man..............we are NOT to be man pleasers.



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