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Wow, what a man, what a man, what mighty fine man was Michael. Just because he is labelled an Idol, it doesn't necessarily mean he was so in the negative sense of the word Idol. He didn't ask anyone to worship him. I don't consider myself, who is and always will be, a great fan of Michael's and the Jackson 5 to have worshipped them rather, they were an adoring gift to the world.

Indeed, he was were a 'gift from God' and young girls and women raved over his magnificence. The same thing happened in the Bible with David. The Bible tells us that after David defeated the Philistines, 'the women and girls' sang "Saul has killed his thousands but David his ten thousands' (1 Sam. 18:6-7). That was a kind of adoring and was not considered 'Idol' worship in the negative sense. Nor should the adulation given to Michael by 'most' of his fans be seen as negative 'idol' worship. He was just a delightful gift from God and God himself, delighted in the world's favor of this gift he gave this talented young man.

It is obvious that Michael was saved. In his video 'Scream', one of the lines he sings, is 'Father please have mercy' so showing he knew to call on a Just God. In fact, because of his exalted status I am sure he gained great spiritual insight on a level that many of us do not even know as there is no way that we could possibly know all that he felt and saw amidst such great prominence. Ergo, Michael the "King of Pop" is at peace as he bowwed to his "King of Kings." He was 50 and this was his ultimate year of jubilee. God rest his precious soul.

Oh, and I still love all the songs he and his brothers made and have played them more than ever since his death. It is very good music and most of the songs, are edifying. .
How do we explain MJ's song "Anything for Money" I would lie for you, die for you, Even sell my soul to the Devil.

Did not Satan shine as a musical Genius in Heaven? Would it be safe to say that not all musical gifts are from God? Take the Beattles for instance. One of their songs says "Oh my Lord" But it was later brought our that they were not talking about our Lord, but a false God.

Mustn't one believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and worship him as such in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. MJ to my understanding did not worship our Lord.

What would it profit a man to gain the whole world (prominence) and lose his soul?
I was keeping quiet but your reply made me concerned....Now although i would not nor can I defend MJ's Spiritual, religious, beliefs..I cannot say where he will spend eternity, however it would be less likley that he would be in the Kingdom of Yah.

I can say that the way you are representing the song "Anything for money" is as if it is a personal declaration from is not...He is actually in a way telling the story of people who think that way...In fact he even mentions Preachers.....

The scriptures do not say that you have to believe that Yahshua is the son of Yah (it is a good thing to know but not a requirment for salvation) OR that you have to "worship" Him...There are christians who think they worship the True, one and only Creator and also say "Lord"./Jesus.

He is in a sence quoting OTHERS who would do anything for money...It is not a personal statement on how he thought...

Michael neither is in heaven, or a "burning hell." He is resting til the day of the resurrection. Which one will he be in.... That's Yehwah's decision.

Jesus told a parable about the rich man and Lazarus, when Lazarus died he went immediately into Abrhams bosom when the rich man died he open up his eyes in hell. Is this not true?
You assume it it was immediately (as i did at one time), although scripture does not say that it happened right away, we look at the story and interpret that....

I personally lean on the understanding that Death = Sleep...until the resurrection. When telling a story we do not always fill in the blanks of "length of time"....I might say...

"I went to sleep at 5pm, I went to work and sat at my desk"...

Now did I go to work when I went to sleep? Was it a dream? Did i sleep at work? LOL...

Bottom line is we have to rethink alot of what we learned...
Fair enough. But he did lift up his eyes in a place of torment correct? It is my understanding and correct me if I'm wrong that you understand it to be a resurrection first and then one would be cast into the place of torment? But in torment is were he did lift up his eyes when ever that time was.
According to the story yes, all that you say is correct. And yes I am understanding it to be just that way..

Read verse 31. You will get the meaning of the allegory there.

Its a story, which mean's its not literal at all.
But the story has a meaning James!

Yes sir. The meaning is verse 31. Read it, and then get back with me :)


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