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seriously... yes we are to unite, and go witness, but we need to be touchable out there witnessing, we "church" can get so deep into self righteousness that the dirt of it covers us and others see only a grave and not Christ.
That is very true. Witness, not judge. Our judging is one reason folks prefer not to "assemble themselves together" in the church building. Too many times I've heard "church folks are self righteous", "church folks judge too much" folks this and church folks that. From what I see IN the church, I understand WHY folks make these comments. Instead of us being the light, we allow our light to flicker and not shine. We shouldn't condemn, but instead build up through the love Jesus preached about. As far as Michael Jackson is concerned, I pray his soul was right. I pray the same prayer not only for the Jackson family, but for entertainers everywhere. The entertainment industry is definitely the enemy's playground.
Hi again, Ms. Hawkins, you are definitely on fire over here with regard to this issue. God bless you. I agree that the 'entertainment' industry has been used by Satan. However, God raises up righteous souls to go into that industry and make an impact. I believe Michael did just that. He set the whole world on fire with his talent.

That was his calling and none can deny that that magnificent talent he displayed, had to come from God. He was kissed by angels to have such a captivating talent. He used it to bless the world.

Believers don't understand that, especially the self-righteous ones. You see, God doesn't limit us to the four walls of the church rather His word said, 'Go into all the world' and be a blessing. Many singers did just that. Sure, many fell just as Michael and all we believers fall but many times, the grace of God delivers them.

He uses their talent as the vehicle to bless the world and exalt our Heavenly Father. Just look at Stevie Wonder, he told of his hardships, drug abose, etc. However, by the grace of God he came out of the negative temptations and now glorifies God. I am sure many of these born-again believers ministered unto him. I am sure Michael was saved.

In his excellent 'Scream' video. One of the lines he sings is, 'Oh Father Please have mercy.' Yes, he was saved and the churh should uplift Michael for his greatness and blessings he gave to the world over.

We cannot judge his eternal destination by a single line.
Brother that's the whole "co-exsist" and "inclusion" can do a couple possitive things...and you will go to be with "the Lord' ....iT DOES NOT matter your lifestyle...

because people "Idolize" MJ...This is where their mind prossess their conclusion as to "where MJ will spend eternity". It does not come from truth, and there is really no person that can say He was or was not "saved", however, if you really look at scripture it is not looking so good...

No sir, I wasn't judging his eternal salvation by a 'single line'. I was just using that as one example to show that the man knew to call on the Heavenly Father.

I've seen him in interviews speak of his faith in God. This is why I said, 'he was saved..'
I've seen him in interviews speak of his faith in God. This is why I said, 'he was saved..'

What NAME was he calling on?
Sister Hawkins you are absolutely correct in everything you are saying. The church is too quite on all issues. If we continue this silence, we will see much more damage done to our young people. Your ministry is along the same lines as where God has placed me. I deal with our youth and their parents and get a chance to see first hand how the church tends to add insult to injury by not teaching, preaching and standing up to this wave of moral decline.

Too much attention is placed on things such as keeping our youth entertained and so much more. I have gotten a chance to see first hand, the tears of these young people that live in loveless homes and they know it, and are reaching out to those of us that will show them the love of Christ by telling them the truth.

Unfortunately, the unity that you hope for will probably not happen in the church as long as people differ on how the gospel must be preached. You are considered self righteous if you advocate holiness. When I minister to our young people, whether invited to speak at a church, whether it’s during the taping of our short films, whether it is in our home Church, I realize one thing, they will know if we are lifting up Christ or ourselves. Jesus said, if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.

If we as the members of the body of Christ could see eye to eye and realize that it is more important to win souls like you said, then we would not have time to scrutinize each others messages. Our young people need us to be consistent and vigilant in prayer. It is my hope to see thousands of young people saved, delivered, filled with the holy ghost and living according to the word of God. The whole nine yards. Not just going to church and living the same lifestyle. As long as we teach the truth and the Lord Saves souls it does not matter who disagrees. Amen.
That's powerful Ms. Hawkins! Yes, it is quite true that 'unity' is the key for believers. We need to 'unite' and withstand many of the evils unleashed against us. Unity, Unity, Unity is the key to destroying it. I daily pray that this powerful, precious church full of Kings/Queens and priests will awaken and do the end-time exploits spoken of by the prophet Daniel (Dn. 11:32). It has to happen as the Bible says, 'Christ is coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle' (Eph. 5:27).

Michael needed to see such a unified church in action. If he had, some of his psychological and emotional pain could have been alleviated. The church should have been a unified vocal force standing for the 'talent' that God gave this magnificent young man.

Thank God that there were prayers going up on behalf of him. I know Michael is with the Lord. He was a very spiritual young man amidst his afflictions. God bless and comfort the Jackson family during this trying time. God bless and comfort we his fans who were blessed to have the honor of loving Michael and supporting his magnificent talent.
learned from MJ's death that the world can show genuine love and compassion while many of us who are supposed to be Christians do not. We hide behind our religious postering instead of reaching out to the lost to let them know who the King of Glory is. This was a great time for us to witness instead of sitting in judgment of MJ and those of who loved him.

I just thought this was worth a repeat
Yep, Althea! Amen!
@ Sis. Robinson- hear is my challenge with this part of your statement "the world can show genuine love and compassion" is "God commendeth His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us." so then your statement would be theologically incorrect because the world cant show what it dont know. The world (population of people) showed that the where die hard fans of MJ, but did they really show they loved him becasue they made a spectacle of his passing and funeral? It is my belief and correct me if I'm wrong but one cant truly begin to love until they know what real love is. Can a man love God and hate his brother...?


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