At 10:16pm on May 17, 2010, James Franklyn Everett said…
My heart is breaking right now Im so saddened because of the way I allowed the devil to decieve me and use me. I wasted so much of my life. And I really love God and let Him down so. I spent so much of my life looking to belong somewhere. Never had a real family, Dont know what real love feels like. It always hurts so. Looking at your family makes me sad. I wish I had what you have. No Im not coveting which is to wish I had it and you didn't. But I wish I had loved and togetherness Someone who loved me when I was a growing up. ( a family) I spent my life trying to fit into other peoples families. My mom and dad weren't there. My brother and sister suffered from the same brokenness i did. He, been in jail from child hood till now, and my sister contracted aids. Trying to fit in somewhere. Its hard to be sucessful at something when your filled with rejection. Im sorry I dont mean to burden you, I just had to get it out and there's no one else to talk to. Now look at me, Opressed by demons, I"m praying that this oppression isn't unto death. What a waste. sometimes we grow up so alone and try to be so brave about it because of shame we never tell anyone. We just suffer alone in silence. Its not Good for the man to be alone. You can be in a crowd of a miilon people and still be all alone without some one to love you. and Im not just talking about the opposite sex. I mean just someone there who cares and understands. That really gets you and its ok. I foud no rest for my heart so i drowned it in drugs and alcohol. I didnt know at the time that it would make me into a slave. I was dead for 25 years and now that im awake my heart is breaking under the weight of my sins. Please pray for me I am truely sorry for my sins.
God Bless you.Delete Comment

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I pray that the you come to realize that the Lord loves and sent his Son to save you from your sins.

So No. 1: If you repent - you are forgiven.
Then No. 2: If you walk in the spirit - Jesus will save you from your sins.

God is good like that.
Thank you and God Bless you. Yeah Most Times it seems you have to walk alone. For most people these days seem only concerned with there pleasures.
I wonder why you have nothing better to do than to harrass a bunch of people on a social network...;.

Don't you think you would do better on a mainstream network?
I created an account just to respond to your comment. No disrepect to you and your views, but if you are a Christian you should always walk in love and be willing to help anyone at all times, we are in the business of uplifting and encouraging others not making them feel worse. You had the choice of not responding and just ignoring his cry for help. There was no sign of love in your response at all that sadens me. I'm sure your response to this will disappoint me as well though I pray it won't! I will let you know I have no response unless you are asking for help. If you feel I am out of line then I offer you my apologies Be blessed!

Aww man, now you're making me sad. Do you really feel like no one loves you? Because that's not true. Someone does love you.
oh no. You're doing it wrong tho.
by being smarter than them. outwit them. (and its more fun)

and by them I don't mean homosexuals. I mean the folks you're trying to piss off.

And that's just a suggestion. You can do whatever you want. Obviously.

I'm just saying... this kind of forum trolling gets old quick. And its a lot of work for you. Would have to be annoying for you too to keep up with all the latest posts in order to keep yours on top. You'll burn out quick if you keep doing it this way. That's all I'm saying.


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