Brothers and sisters, what do you think?
I'm looking in the church and I believe I see jealousy running through the church, is this me or are many in the pews sitting next to someone they are jealous of? The next thing is if that's true how do we get rid of the spirit of jealousy in the church

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I think we have to go to the root of the problem FEAR, jealousy is a form of fear, and God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love , power and a sound mind.

You will see here, even on this site, in certain discussions, when one speaks of having more liberty than another,one will raise it's little green head and say NO that's a sin, (NO because I have a weakness in that area, everybody else should as well) Christians need to understand that each have to work out their own soul salvation, and if you have a relationship with the blesser your blessings come from that same resource.
Bless you my Co-Laborer in the work,

This seems to be everywhere, so let me ask you, from another angle. Are we somtimes stars in our own minds and people are not really jealous and futher more, don't really pay that much attention to any of us.
Bless you Man of God, I sometimes pose questions that I know is burning in someones heart, it's quit enteresting to know how many are carrying a jealous spirit and never confront the inner man, to see what is the problem with those that are in the daily operations of ministry that causes such a spirit.

Be Blessed


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