We have so many ministers calling themselves Apostles and they can one day be a pastor or bishop and all of a sudden they become Apostles.What is going on?

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Trevor, you should write a book or a teaching manual on the office of Apostleship. I would be one of the first to purchase one.
I'll keep you posted on that, because thats EXACTLY what I'm doing now! :)
Excellent Trevor!

I am patiently waiting to purchase a copy, and would be more than happy to assist in promoting your book.
Not a book (at least not now), but seminars and training courses. A book will one day come though....
LOLOL Go kid!
That is a much needed teaching in this hour. What is the qualifications and the great commission of the apostle? Are we spiritually being taken back to our foundation?( the reason for so many Apostles popping up) Can this be an act of God and the return of Apostleship in a greater capacity. There was a season when it was all about the prophet then the bishop.Is this GOD orchestrated?
It is obvious that:

1) you haven't truly studied the specific offices of the Apostle or the Prophet, therefore you speak from traditional ignorance to the subject, not truly being able to discern the true from the false properly.

2) You are looking at the false ones thinking that they are the only people claiming to walk in the office. It is said that it takes one rotten apple to spoil the bunch. A few black criminals does not make all blacks criminals. A few corrupt political officials does not make everyone in Congress a crook. A few bad cops does not mean that all police are out to get you. Likewise, a few false Apostles & Prophets does not mean that all are false.
There are a few specific qualifications for the office of the Apostle. One major qualification is that JESUS Himself must select them, and this will be confirmed by the Prophets (Amos 3:7). The Apostles will also recognize the grace of Apostolic ministry on you, but its the Prophets who should recognize it first and foremost, otherwise something is terribly wrong. The Prophet's ministry has not be put aside altogether, because they were never supposed to be at the forefront in the first place. Their job is to point to the Apostolic, who points you to CHRIST's government:

- Prophet John the Baptist pointed to Apostle JESUS
- Prophet/Seer Samuel pointed to King David (OT typology of the Apostolic)
- the Prophets of Antioch pointed to Barnabas and Paul

The Bishopric is set up to oversee what the Apostles and Prophets have started. They are left there in charge of the work to continue from where the founders left off. All that you are seeing is in fact GOD-orchestrated. People speak so quickly about "Apostolic Succession", yet they do not fully understand it. The false teaching of Apostolic Succession says that the Bishops replaced the Apostles after they all died off (like some endangered species), and all Bishops must be able to trace their unbroken line back to the 12 original Apostles in order to be a real Bishop and have a real Church. The problem with that theory comes in many forms:

- Apostles Paul, James, Titus, Timothy, and a host of others did not hear their Gospel from the original twelve, nor were they disciples of any of the original twelve, so by that technical definition, they are not within "proper Apostolic Succession".

- the Apostle's office by its purest sense is not to follow someone else's line of succession, but is the very start of their own line directly connected to Apostle JESUS Himself.

-both the Bible and Church history speak against this very doctrine. In fact, one could easily refute this doctrine using either one alone.

- the Apostleship office never ceased at all. It continued on throughout history. Most people only see Church history from the view point of the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Churches, all who are already established Churches. If you were to view Church history from the other Churches points, you would easily see Apostles from the time of Acts to literally today.
Amen! The foundation was built upon the Apostles and Prophets, JESUS Christ being the Chief corner stone. If CHRIST is an ever present corner stone, so to is the foundation of Apostles and Prophets. The ONLY reason why people think that the Apostles & Prophets are only present in their words is simply because they believe that with CHRIST Himself as well. People that believe that HE is only present through HIS word are people who think His miraculous power doesn't work anymore.
Rev. Luckett,

You just reconfirmed what the Lord dropped in my spirit a year ago . . .Get Back to The Basics!


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