There is a difference between the "Apostolic and being an Apostle. Most of God's people are confused concerning this matter. Having the apostolic annointing means God has designated that person, whether male or female with work with apostles and to have special gifts. Being an apostle means, you have been personal ordained by the Lord Jesus Christ, you have the gift to set up, develop and lead others in the five fold ministry, and other apostles will confirm your apostleship. We must accept and know the truth. Stay in the lane and do not usurp(abuse) your authority men and women of God.

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Too many ministers are in the wrong offices, because there is no clarity regarding this subject. I will obey God, rather than man. Moreover, I will not compromise God's Word for no one. A-men.
Amen! If God has called you to ministry and if it is not clear what area you are supposed to operate in go back and pray to God for clarity and he will confirm it. Be lead by the spirit and don't let others tell you where you supposed to be. God has already told you but if you are not sure ask him for confirmation.
We must know the meanings and differences in our gifts, that is very important don't just go on what some one says. Study, look it up, ask God to show you and teach you how to operate in it.

God bless
Many of God's people are out of order, because they assume a office. This is why God gave the order to apostles to lead and guide others. Read Acts, chapters 2 and 3!!! When a person try to be too many things, then he or she confuse him/herself and others. If people will not obey authority on earth, then they will not know how to obey authority in heaven. The bible says " if you be willing and obedient, then you shall eat the good of the land"

Apostle, Riley


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