Christian Urban Fine Arts Does your church really see the value of Art? So they see the arts as ordained form God ? Do they know the power and presence of God is with the art work when an artist gifted adn instructed to make art, follows  God's directions and creates according to what God Divinely communicates?

Is art used in your church, if so what for? Is it used to teach , communicate the truth in the church, protecting and providing the Body of Christ as it was in the Word of God? Most assemblies provide music, but the musicians are not particularly living a clean repented life before they call upon God and offer up to God worship through them.


Many individual Beleivers who do at times and in some ways worship their God and the lord Christ, do nto know how sin in their lives destroy the power of their priase, dance, writing, music , preaching and teaching, even their power in everyday things and family life. You have taught them and still hearing it from another person anointed to give the impartations is needed and required. While you receive that , give me a call at 215-410-5221 ensamplesatgmail

The reaosn we are on this site is to connect by faith and let the Holy God who saved us lead us to walk together in Christian love, fellowship , worship and submission's victory.


I want to meet and go forth with you as one , not two thousand separate churches in the city? What do you think ? Discuss it with me here.

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