I know that at times we can look at others and it appears that they're prospering and just blowing up with success; so much so that we can begin to question whether God is concerned or has forgotten about us.  The Lord told me today that just because you see someone seemingly prosperous (even if it's ministry) "It doesn't mean it's Me," says the Lord!                                                                              So if you fit in that category, be encouraged and fret not thyself because you see others seemingly prosper!  The Lord also says that the devil gives too and keeps his most faithful servants looking good and prosperous!"  But trust, it's all just looks and only for a time!  The majority of it is to manipulate people into believing the hype  and flowing in a Form of godliness but truly denying who God really is!  So just keep your head up and know that God sees and knows and that in due time you shall be exalted, if you faint not!                            For encouraging messages, simply go to www.rightrelationshipministries.org.                                            

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This is an ontime word. Thank you for sharing this! 


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