What Will The Saints Of God Be Doing After The 1000 Year Reign Of Christ?

I posted this question on other sites, share things on facebook, blackplanet, and I think tagged.com.  Anyway, what would you say, or what do you know or share with others as to what the Children of God will be doing after the 1000 Year of Christ and The Saints? 

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I have read a lot of your self-righteous responses to several posting; I'm not sure what to think about you.

Seems like you're the "Mr Know-It-All" for BPN. You're correcting everyone, pointing out typo's and mis-spelled

words' basically, offering lengthy responses no one asked you for. Just Who are you anyway?

P.S stop reading the online "Pedia's" and try reading the bible for real.- You sound like a smart-A#$ to me


you're incredible

When your name is posted all over everyone's post and comment

non need to read all of them, you dominate that aspect

meant what I said; thanks for the reminder of terms of use, to bad not

one on being a jerk. Just a personal observation, sure you're better when

not on the site

The same thing they're doing right now; my young brother




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