Greetings my Brothers and Sisters in Christ! I am a Preacher and Gospel Comedian. Some people ask, "How can I preach and be a comedian"? As Christians, is it wrong for us to laugh and enjoy our walk with the Lord? The Word of God states in Ecclesiastes 3:4,"...and a time to laugh". I say all the time,"Just because you do not laugh, does not mean you are so close to God". Thank God for all the powerful Preachers, Teachers and Pastors, however take the time to laugh. So many medical benefits when we laugh. My motto is, "No harm to laugh, pass it on"! Had one Pastor to tell me, "I will never come to his church because "comedy" is not in the Bible. We can minister all we want, but we need a balance in our walk. A cook cannot cook all the time, sometimes a cook needs to eat too. I thank you now and later for your feedback. Pray for me, I am booked for the White House in June 2009. To God be the Glory with His good self!

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Thank you, Minister Luckett for replying. You are so right. I found out, I cannot please everybody. It does not matter what I do, somebody somewhere someday somehow and someway will find something wrong with it. My stage name comes from my father (LaSalle Hankins Sr.)who passed in 1984 when I was 13. I use his first name as my stage name...LaSalle LaSalle. Had one of my dad's classmates to tell, "I should not use my dad's name like that". I cannot type what I told Just pray for me much! I wonder how many people would "enjoy" their life, homes, and spouse if and only if they "mind their own business". Thanks again my brother and be blessed as you bless God.
I am glad in the name christ for you to entertain the president at the white house! tell'em to book you for four years more! God bless
LOL! I thank you sir! God has opened doors that no one can close with His good self. Thanks again!
I love to laugh so I don't have an issue with comedy at all.
Some people so heavenly bound they no earthly good- people like that FLEE from lol!!!
A merry heart is good for you.
When I learned to laugh, and I mean really laugh at things and just give God glory my asthma stopped acting up so bad.
Stress kills.
Thank you for bringing joy through your comedy.
Greetings to you my Brother in Christ, I am new to BPN, and while looking around the site I saw tell of a Gospel Comedian. Praise God! we need to laugh and be happy! We've got a lot to be happy about. So I applaud you for walking in your gift. I love to smile, laugh and enjoy being joyful. Loved your pics! Hope to hear you perform one day. Know that I am praying for you and your "open doors". Wow the "White House" huh? Let me share with you one of my poems that I think is funny. Hope you like it. Stay Blessed Brother...

"One Pound Prayer"
Lord help me lose one pound today.
I know it's just a prayer away.
And with all the pounds I have to lose,
Just one today is all I choose.
So help me Lord to bend and twist,
To lift more than my fork and wrist,
To touch my toes, reach for the sky.
O' Lord it's on you that I rely.
To keep me from those creamy pies,
That go straight from mouth to thighs.
Instead, let my desire be;
Juicy plums and nectarines,
Leafy greens and Lima beans.
Just one pound Lord, is all I ask,
For you it's such a simple task.
Could you help me lose just one today,
And I'll be back tomorrow, again to pray.

God Bless You!!
My only two rules for Gospel comedians are:

-Make sure it STAYS HOLY!!!!
-Make sure it STAYS FUNNY!!!

Half of these sermons and prophetic words I hear are jokes from comedians instead of actual "Ministers preaching/teaching/prophesying" anyway, so you shouldn't have a problem! At least we know you meant for it to be funny !! LOL!!!!
How did it go at the White House? I trust God's abundance upon your life! Continue to make us laugh my brother...we need you...DrFaye
Christian Comics? Ithink they are out right funny and veryclean. They tell the funniest stories about their own life.
Johnathan Slocumb is one of my favorites (he is a nut!)
I had people tell me I should do comedy but I don't know......
I think Christian Comedy is HILLARIOUS! We need more of it. And they comedians, although Chritians, don't always have to be talking about what happens in the church. They could just have good clean comedy!
Proverbs 17:22
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.


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