Some time later he fell in love with a woman in the Valley of Sorek (Grapes). Her name was Delilah. The Philistine tyrants approached her and said, "Seduce him. DISCOVER What's behind His GREAT STRENGTH and how we can TIE him up and HUMBLE him. Each man's company will give you a hundred shekels of silver." Judges 15:4-5 The Message


The enemy KNOWS your GREAT STRENGTH. Your Great Strength is your weapon whether it is your praise, intercession, worship, book writing, teaching it is an instrument to transform lives. So what causes Chains/Fetters/Shackles?

Our ALLIANCES a circle or group of people if it is an unholy alliance then we, I say we because I have been there have attach ourselves to familiar spirits that are agents whose assignment is to become well acquainted with you. They know which button to push, they know your weakness and your strengths, likes and dislikes, and they know EVERYTHING about you they are INFORMANTES they are there to KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY YOUR FAMILIES, COMMUNIES and you’re MINISTRIES, MOVE AROUND! SHIFT! COMPROMISING the enemy uses this weapon to cause the believer to lower biblical standards, COMPLACENCY kills passion, strangles drive and motivation this spirit causes you to lose your sense of urgency and awareness, ENTANGLEMENTS stagnates growth progress or development and keeps a person stuck in circumstances they really want to be delivered from. Remember the enemy set up SNARES a snare could be relationships or habits forming activities its purpose… to TRAP you.

Lord I pray that you destroy all barriers, obstacles that will hinder their spiritual growth & establishment of their ministries, because it’s their DUE SEASON what so ever they have petition you for and have forgotten let it manifest in this season. I ask that you sharpen their discernment to see the snares of the enemy that would so easily beset them. Psalm 91: 3 says that you shall deliver us from the snare of the fowler, and from the noise and pestilence. I pray that you bring back to memory every word you have spoken over their Lives, over their Ministries and over their Finances. I seal it and call it so. In the precious name of Jesus - Amen

Chain – manacle in metal, something which encircles attach, shackle, bind, confine, connect, hold, tie up, harness, ring, shackle, strip, tape, tie

Fetters-restraint, limitation; something that holds Arrest, barrier, constraint, hindrance, imprisonment, limit, obstacle, restriction, rope, weight

Movement - Action, advance, changing, development, evolving, flow, journeying, maneuver, mobility, move, progress, progression, shift, shifting, stir, stirring

-Apostle Mogere

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I would'nt say great strength,but I would say,excepting who i am[flesh] so i acknowledge that PRO.8;13.Then I prepare myself for the good or bad of the day they both could bring strife.PRO16;1,I then set my sight and heart on the Lord,so that,my first interaction of the day can be HIM ,JOHN;19;28.And honestly if i can keep myself at least 5 minutes of every hour,focusing on something i would like to do for the Lord,i can't be broken for fleshly use! Thats mine.
The Lord told Gideon to go in the Might - strength, power that he has, it was a reminder that even though things may seem hard, you still have to look within, remind yourself who we are and who we belongs to, and whose our SOURCE.



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