Whats your thoughts on Pastor Benny Hinns recent Divorce filings and that of other Christians & Pastors?

In recent years, we have had so many filings of  Divorce for Pastors. Five Fold Ministry Leaders and Christians. to include singers and musicians. Many have been married for many many years and led or sill lead  Mega Ministries and smaller Ministries  to include  many that are not Nationally  known ,so it does not make the news.Do you think its because so many are married as it would seem to Ministry ?. Do you feel many are missing Balance?Balance means to me , a time to seek God, his Word  to pray, study, work in Ministry and be obedient to the call and assignment the Lord has given me. Than time to be a person , I am a widow. so I am not married but for those that are married time to enjoy your spouses, your marriage,  your children and Family and true friends,, time to rest take care of yourself, you health, peace and sanity and enjoy life and time to pursue some of your dreams or hobbies  outside of Ministry.Whats your thoughts and comments. Surely this is not written to  judge any , all are in our true prayers.but may be we can share something that can help someone in love or assist to save a marriage.  .

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Great comments from all.
mmmmh! Glory to God:-) powerful response indeed.... hard bone to chew though!
I do not believe the devil/satan is to blame for all divorces. I always point people to the fact that what God joins together it will stay together. Everything He made and put together, it still stands today. Sometimes we as people tend to put our own marriages together and we tolerate things in that marriage to save face with the public eye, when in our heart we know that we are experiencing discomfort with the marriage because our marriage was put together by self; needless to say, this does not negate the fact that God can still fix the mess we made, the issue is our willingness to repent and seek Him in the matter. If God did not ordain something to be, it will not remain, no matter how much we try to keep it together. Yes, He is the creator of the marriage institution and I believe He is well able to keep that institution going but are we willing to pay the tuition it takes to remain in that institution is what we need to ask ourselves. Time must be spent building the marriage just like time must be spent to get a college degree.
These are some good responses. Pastors and people in General need to know how to Balance there Marriages,Families , Life and work. There has to be a balance.
mmmmh Minister P-Given! Glory to God:-) powerful response indeed.... hard bone to chew though!


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