There are seven heavens in existance. Hell is defined as "hades", a grave. In the book of Revelation, the Lake of Fire is the prison for Satan, devils and others who rebell against God' governmental laws.The rapture speaks of persons who have died and those who are alive in Christ to receive their rewards, robes and eternal life with God (1 Thessalonians, Chapter 4). People need to know the truth. No one after death goes to Heaven nor Hell. If you need more insights regarding this matter, then please contact me. A-men.

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Hello Pastor Luckett,
Every book do not reveal spiritual truths. There are seven heavens. In each heaven, some being rule that heaven. You can go to google and type in heavens or seven heavens. My brother, it is good to get the whole truth. A-men
I just googled Seven heavens, and there is a lot of dubious articles and websites to say the least. However, wiki is fairly safe when it comes to religious issues, however, we still need to employ critical thinking, but this is what I found, taken from the Talmud.

According to Jewish teachings in the Talmud, the universe is made of seven heavens as below:

1. Vilon (וילון), Also see (Isa 40:22)
2. Raki'a (רקיע), Also see (Gen 1:17)
3. Shehaqim (שחקים), See (Ps 78:23, Midr. Teh. to Ps. xix. 7)
4. Zebul (זבול), See (Isa 63:15, I Kings 8:13)
5. Ma'on (מעון), See (Deut 26:15, Ps 42:9)
6. Machon (מכון), See (1 Kings 7:30, Deut 28:12)
7. Araboth (ערבות), The seventh Heaven where ofanim, the seraphim, and the hayyoth and the throne of the Lord are located.

The Jewish Merkavah and Heichalot literature was devoted to discussing the details of these heavens, sometimes in connection with traditions relating to Enoch, such as the Third Book of Enoch*

*Wiki Seven heavens
Now, will you believe? Satan do not want God's eople to know the truth. The more truth we obtain, then the closer we will get to God. A-men. We are attemting to help you not challenge you. We are on the Lord's Side.
Thank You, Caral. God is good.
One of the seven heavens is where the Hall of Souls is located. A soul goes to heaven, but not the Heaven where God is. A-men.
Some people will not accept the truth because the truth is not in them, they have been lied to by others and their minds are closed.

Biblically, a soul is the whole of the person. At death, the soul vanishes, because a soul is the combination of 2 things(Body + Spirit = Soul). Also, where do you get this 7 heavens teaching? Can you prove that by the words of the Torah, Prophets, and the Writings?
Yes, I can prove it. Enoch has a book written with 49 chapters. It is called the Book of Enoch. He is from the Torah. He is inclued in the Torah. To study, one must research in details. Revelation comes through study, prayer, communication anda relationship with God.
By the way,you have the wrong formula. Body+spirit = living soul. Souls are created by God from heaven.

Read Gen 2:7. You will see that HaShem created man from the ground, then He blew the breath of life into the body, and THEN man BECAME a living Soul.


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