When you are Founder and Pastor...Is it wrong to refuse to take a salary but instead show the saints how to live by Faith?

When My husband First started Pastoring ( After the Lord calling him in an open vision) to Start and Pastor church with 18 faithful followers.  He did not take a salary for the first five years.  He did not have a job but we lived by the faith of God,  however I had a full time job.  I was ok with him not taking a salary.  We were advised that we should take a salary, because it would show that the church could and was able take care of their pastor. And there sowing into the first family life would be their way of getting many needs met in their life,  to not take a salary would be to curse them, and hinder them from being blessed. The church wanted us to take a salary.  But we didn't, we just wanted to trust the Lord.  Show them the Lord would do it for them. We had been in ministry for 30 years (as Elder and Evangelist) when the Lord called us as Pastor and First Lady /Evangelist.  Four years after starting ministry and building a (turn key job) church (small 200 seat, we were just starting but the favor of the God was upon it from then up until now, the bank thru much prayer gave us the loan to build), One year later the Lord called my husband home.

 I had to become Senior Pastor (the transition was very painful for me as well as the church),  and I did not go on salary either, I have been now 4 1/2 years in that position and has just three month ago went on salary, the church is operating way over in the "Black" to God be glory!!!  I don't feel bad about the years we went without salary. Just wanted to  get some of  your input on the subject...How do you feel about it would you trust the Lord and go with a salary.  Would you trust that if just live off your wife salary or husband salary, it would work?   I lose my job right after my husband was called home, they said I was not focused and was grieving too long, wow;  of which was not true.  I has been on that job almost 30 some years. Could almost do it blind folded,  I know it was the will of God for me to go full time at church. So they walked in his will and let me go I don't think I would have walked away the timing didn't seem right.  The Lord had showed me I would come off but thinking it would be way down the road. But I would prepare to trust him. The saints wanted me to go on salary even the more then,  but I just couldn't for some reason . I kept asking the Lord to allow me to pastor without a salary and I went without a salary ( just as my husband had) until a few months ago, March 2010 .  The Lord meet and filled every need to the glory of God. Let me hear some of your fed back on this.

 Pastor Hattie White

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Ah, dear sister, you and your husband have done well. Receiving a salary or not receiving a salary is not the question, it is as you have lived - trusting in the Lord to provide. No where in scripture will you find that a 'pastor' or any elder in the church is to retire and live off the assembly. Even so, if the elders within the congregation are in need, the congregation should see to it that they basic needs are met - to the full extend of their abilities.

When you lost your job, the congregation is picking up the slack - just as the scriptures command us to take care of our widows and to give honor (in this case a needed salary) to those to whom honor is due. A ministering elder and widow certainly meets these scriptural requirements.

Take heart, you have lived the example you have preached and you stand as a living testimony of God's promised provision through the expressed love that the disciples of Christ have demonstrated toward you.

Grace and blessing continue to follow after you.
Wow, thank you A W Bowman, so much for that encouraging word. Today I found myself back in the presence of the Lord inquiring of him concerning the very thing.... all I want to do is to please him be a vessel that he can flow thru and mot Lord over his people but to pastor, mentor, and lead them into a relationship with the Father thereby allowing Holy Spirit to empower them with the ability to go forth and do all the the Father has assigned them in the kingdom to do. I once set where they set so I can identify when they are many times. My heart is tender toward them. Maturing them in the knowledge of the word to be able to rightly divide.

When we were Ordained by our Bishop, we said to him we "Don't" know how to do this (Pastor, we were Elders and Evangelist but Pastoring nooooooo Lord NOOOOO please because we knew the weight of having people ( the saints) Souls you were accountable for in your hand. Did not want any one blood on my hand for not walking fully in all the Lord as anointed one to do) He simply said the people will teach you. Meaning you are a servant you're there to service and meet their needs spiritually and naturally. Be there for them in every thing always be mindful of them and their needs. Preach the word with power and demonstration. Teach them Christ the hope of GLORY!!!! Bless him glory...

I have found that simple truth to be my anchor in many circumstances... but yet I wrestle with this area. I can't see the saints struggle then I life live I have arrived. Don't get me wrong the Lord have proven himself over and over again in our lives. He allow us to buy a seven bed room home to the glory of God on three ac of land all with just me working before I lost my job ...he gave us soooo much favor to demonstrate to the church his favor. he blessed with favor for brand new vehicles. My husband use to say I don't want anyone saying when they see us blessed that ...well the church did it they taking all the money and the people are suffering need. I still feel that way It so much I could share but it would seen like it a boast and I never want that to be in the fore front. I want his glory to go before me at all times.

You know I am getting carried into a vain of just thinking about his mercy toward me right now. He has so taken of me since he called my husband home. I don't know he so honor s me even when I want to be at his feet, my Lord thank God. Thank you for allowing me to share.

Your words just so blessed me continue to pray his will will be for most in my life....
Again thank you
I know this is not a very good subject to talk about ... but its real to me. I know I am not the only one. I needed to hear from some season pastors, talk about this. Either in your early Ministry of just starting your assignment from the Lord to Pastor, either your church was too small for you to receive a salary (church bills needed to be paid) or you just wanted to blessed the saints and teach them to trust the God in their pursue of him, no matter it looked like or sounded like. What ever your reasons... I know you can share. It would so help other to move forward in their obedience to know someone else went this way, of trusting the Lord and how he the Lord rewarded you for it; because he will and he has for me!!! Bless him Glory.

Their are so many, that say they have been called of God that will come in and rape (I call it, a one night stand, sometime never to see them again. Of telling the people of God how they will receive and have rob them. its sad and many fall for this kind of behavior)... raping the people of God in their finances and in the mean time they go without, the people of their needs many times... Can we just keep it real and lets help someone in this area, this is a platform I believe that you can put in your in- put; it can help. Amen!!!

I know that everyone called of God is worthy of their hire, and need a salary to meet their needs as they meet the spiritual needs of their congregation. I just wanted to know in your beginning of obedience to the Lord... What was it like for you. What was your struggles like in some areas of your obedience.....Be blessed!!!


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