Most Black churches have one thing in common, NO MEN! I have heard black pastor’s talk about how much more cooperative women are than men are when leading them. I think this is an excuse to not have to deal with the strong personalities of men. Men are born to lead and deal with problems. Many pastors are insecure and don’t like having strong men in their churches, and that is why their churches are dying! David led Israel primarily due to the fact that he had a forum of Mighty Men! In David’s later years he wrote a chapter of appreciation about the exploits of these men. No great leader can really be great without great MEN following them and also leading WITH them, Moses had Joshua to assist him, and Joshua was NO PUNK! He was a strong man of faith himself! Moses didn’t act intimidated by the fact that Joshua was a mighty man of God, Moses appreciated it! The main reason the Nation of Islam is so appealing to Black men is that is speaks to what men appreciate…STRENGTH! Black pastors WAKE UP and realize you need strong men to HELP you lead! There are too many limp wristed men in our churches! It is no wonder our sisters are facing a crisis in the area of finding a husband! A man must be discipled to not only grow in Christ, but grow as a leader in the body.

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"...Another reason 'black' communities 'go to the gutter' is because the government has "sold them a false bill of goods". Poor women were offered homes from 'whites' that were old and in need of constant repair. Social Services and FHA approved this; offering help for repairs in the beginning and then withdrawing it once the 'whites' (basically elderly) could move into 'whiter neighborhoods and better homes'.
There are considerable reasons for the decline of the 'Black Community' for which the Pastors who were in charge of that area will be held seriously accountable for (besides voted officials)..."

Sister I see what you are saying but whats the excuse for not sweeping up and down your street and throwing a coat of paint on the front of the houses?
There is no excuse for some of the trifling looking stuff out there.
It looks like you are making excuses ma'am. If one church is going in the wrong direction you just dont abandon all churches. I do think slavery plays a part into this.

Many black men resent the idea of having another man in charge of them. I agree about the government part though.
Color wont get you saved.
Ditto Newview; at least we agree on something. :-)
Praise the Lord, Sis!!!!!!
truth will
Where in this video do you see that? TRUTH IS TRUTH...instead of saying I agree with the video or not, you criticize it not by it's truth or lack of it...but by attempting to ignore the FACTS and implying that I am saying that if your not a certain color then you can't be saved...You are obvious ignorant to what truth is and what it is not based on your reply...

It is Truth that sets you matter how important YOU think it is...for Yah's people it should be VERY important to know that religion is a LIE and that you have to KNOW THE TRUTH FROM BEGINNING TO END...

Another view so to speak..some of it their reaching...sometimes a bit sarcastic....but truth is truth...

Sunday worship is worship of the sun god.. That is why they have sunrise service.. The Lord's Sabbath is the 7th day... So, black men need to find a church who does it how the scriptures say do it..

I agree with you brother on this one. I've been saved since 10 and now in my 40's.  Been in a lot of churches and held several positions in the church....It seems as if some pastors are intimidated by other strong and educated black men. I was in one church where there were several gifted brothers and all of us left to attend other churches. The pastor never had us up to preach but once a year. However, he put all the women up over us several times.  He himelf was a very gifted preacher but ran half the men out. The women were very good, however, at stroking his ego and men could care less about that.  How would we ever develop our ministry gift if only the women ever got to minister?  Its sad but the there are ministries like this and it must stop in the black church.


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