Most Black churches have one thing in common, NO MEN! I have heard black pastor’s talk about how much more cooperative women are than men are when leading them. I think this is an excuse to not have to deal with the strong personalities of men. Men are born to lead and deal with problems. Many pastors are insecure and don’t like having strong men in their churches, and that is why their churches are dying! David led Israel primarily due to the fact that he had a forum of Mighty Men! In David’s later years he wrote a chapter of appreciation about the exploits of these men. No great leader can really be great without great MEN following them and also leading WITH them, Moses had Joshua to assist him, and Joshua was NO PUNK! He was a strong man of faith himself! Moses didn’t act intimidated by the fact that Joshua was a mighty man of God, Moses appreciated it! The main reason the Nation of Islam is so appealing to Black men is that is speaks to what men appreciate…STRENGTH! Black pastors WAKE UP and realize you need strong men to HELP you lead! There are too many limp wristed men in our churches! It is no wonder our sisters are facing a crisis in the area of finding a husband! A man must be discipled to not only grow in Christ, but grow as a leader in the body.

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oh oh
It is not a matter of why they are not in the Pagan Sunday church, why are they not keeping the Sabbath, if they claim to follow the Bible.
That is what the entire Bible is based on. The Law, and the Testamony.
How? by what proof?

Check out this group, and join. We tell the truth of the God of the Bible.
I can read and study the Bible for myself and learn the truth of God the Father, God The Son and God the Holy Spirit. I don't need to join another network to obtain this knowledge.
Not a network. It is a group on this network. If you can read and study on your own,

Are we going to Heaven?

When was Israel kicked out of the land?

Who is the false prophet in Daniel, revelation, Isaiah, Zecharia?

If you are studying I am sure you know this. This is easy stuff.
All men Black or White need to be in the house of Prayer on Sunday, monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursdat,Friday,Saturday,, Sunday.
How is that you said the saints are NOT to get together to worship God on Sunday?

Where there is no law there is no transgression - Correct.
The 4th commandment says to have a holy convocation on the 7th day, and do no work. Period. everything else is double talk getting around the scriptures.
Show me where it says for the saints NOT NOT NOT to assemble on Sunday?
Even if Sabbath is still the Sabbath and the saints should not work and the saints should come to church on the Sabbath - WHERE DOES IT SAY NOT TO ASSEMBLE ON SUNDAY?
It does not say that in the Bible. If you assemble on Sunday, then you are following the traditions of men. Sunday is the worship of the sun. You would be a sunworshipper if you go to church on Sunday.


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