I have talked with many leaders in the church and their opinions vary on whether or not a Christian should take part in the election process with their vote. I was wondering where most of you stand on this issue.

1. If you believe that it is a duty / right for all Christians to vote, please explain why. 

2. If you believe that we should abstain from the voting process, please explain your reasoning's.

3. If you do believe that Christians should take part in the process, how would you suggest they look at the issues? Should the party platform be an issue (we know both major party candidates are flawed) but should we examine what their platforms are? Do we have a duty to vote based on our biblical principles (once again not looking at the men & women running) but whose platform most aligns with our believe structure.

4. Can a Believer vote for anything that represents anti-Christian views? I.E. same-sex marriage, abortion or a plethora of other anti Christian values?

I look forward to reading the discussions generated by this topic. God bless

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