To all my friends on this network and all the true men and women of God, I have great need. I would per-adventure to say that I'm not the only one, but for some reason when we accept our calling or are legally ordained under man's religious ceremonies, we wrongly get this notion that we should have it all together. Perhaps we believe that we should really know something amazing and powerful all of a sudden? Many have become self proclaimed prophets and flawless leaders, save me—I’m just pressing forward hoping that Father will accept my humble offerings!

I'm reaching out through this post hoping to shake the bushes so that those who are truly sold out for Father and can bear true witnesses to Father's ways will reach out to me mainly through prayer. I'm thinking of the scripture wherein the word state that "the prayers of a righteous man availeth much!"

I need your prayers. I find myself in a storm that reminds of me of the stories in the bible where even the disciples failed to avail as they tried to walk according to what Jesus had taught them. One story is where men tried to cast our demons based on what they had seen rather than what was in their hearts or demonstrative in their spiritual walk with Christ. They failed and the demons reminded them quickly that they knew of Jesus and the disciples but not them. Again when the disciples tried to cast out a legion of demons they failed and Jesus explained that this comes through fasting and praying.

I’ve reached a point in my spiritual walk that I need to have more than words or Faith that is easily demonstrated during the calm or festive seasons of my life. I can’t explain it, but I know that where I am now, the attacks are so great that it would be easy to lie down and say I gave it my best shot, but I don’t see how I can make it through this. I find myself timidly asking the question why? Timid because I know there is a God and I know that Jesus suffered much for us so who am I to whine when I suffer, but honestly, and this is just one area where I want God to help me, because I know if I’m to serve Him, I can’t give “man answers” to deep rooted hurts anymore, I’ve got to be so submissive that I’m able to let go and let God give the God answers.

Let me explain, when someone is suffering, we often say, God’s got it or God has you, when we don’t know the heart of the person (unless Father has revealed it) we don’t know the extent of their sufferings (unless we have suffered it as well, but it still will differ because each individual have different tolerances and some have no support groups and even more true, when the pain is great and pressing, the person is looking for the pain to stop, not to hear encouraging words without power), and we truly mean well by quoting the scriptures which is wise as God’s word is in itself power, but our Faith ignites that power. So I ask myself regi, Miss so called Evangelist with your awesome gift to encourage and stir up, where is your faith now that you are in the bottomless pit? What do you do now?

I cry, I’m weak, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m afraid. While one might say, you are not alone for God never leaves or forsakes you; the loneliness and fear of the unknown becomes real and tangible and visible and somewhere inside I cry timidly, “then please show yourself now Father, I don’t want to look back at the footprints in the sand, I want to know and need to know You are here right now, for now is real for me and now is the need!” I watch those that are not facing what the other person is facing have very good words--(including me, although I’ve tried not to do this anymore—I listen, empathize and sympathize, and if there is something I can do and I’m lead to do I do, but mostly I pray ,for God is the one with the answer, I’m just an instrument for Him. I can’t help but think that when the person is facing the storm, the words need to take on life as they did when the disciples feared the boat would perish in the storm and Jesus waved His hand and spoke peace be still! I need the storm calmed in my life, I need the hope replenished. The word of Father needs to accomplish and move less I faint.

What am I asking? Heck if I know, but those reading this who have an ear and whose heart God places it on will know exactly what it is and know exactly what to do. The prayers of the righteous availeth much. I’m of the mindset to believe that we are Christians, be it leaders or servants as we all serve Father, must bear the infirmities of the weak. The bible clearly tells us of the weaknesses and the trials we will face, I wish and pray that we will be able to come together on each other’s behalf and truly with a whole hearts intercede for our fellow Christians. I sometimes think that we should not want for anything, particularly anything that sustains our life, and that we should be walking in the promises of God, being about His business, but we all have our own agendas and our ministries that are so different from the other man’s or many say better than our fellow brother or sister, but shouldn’t we all be of one spirit and on one accord, never meting (measuring) our growth in comparison, but helping to equip one another to be everything Father wants His soldiers to be?

I find myself hard pressed to hold on to my faith when I look at the world the religious world that represents Father, because I see no power, just fancy words and I question myself; I doubt at times, and when suffering to boot, it becomes even more of a struggle to hold on. I don’t see true deliverance, or true anointing, I see fighting. There is doctrinal fighting, religious laws fighting, male verses female fighting, ordination fighting, questioning of other’s calling, when as I’ve cried out on many occasions, people are hurting and suffering because we are weak and for the most power useless in the kingdom. Let His Kingdom come and His will be done, then our little finite weak religious wills are of not consequence as we become completely subjective to His will!

I don’t take my call lightly, and I do believe that I’m going to screw up more and more. I’m under such great attack, and this time I can say it’s not self inflicted or I believe it’s not. The questions are: Is it from Satan, (allowed by Father for nothing happens without Him) or Is Father trying to teach me something. I feel He’s trying to get me to be totally dependent on Him. I fear He’s answering my prayers and I’m falling apart through the furnace process. I want to believe that Father loves my sincerity and broken and contrite spirit and my brutal honest confessions of my fears and lack of knowledge. I want to think that Father has me and that He wants me to look only to Him, which makes me question putting out this blog, then I say, but Father, I’m only asking for the support of my fellow saints even if of the 12,000 members there is only 1 true to you, I look for the support Father, for you your word says that the prayers of the righteous avails much!

I don’t know about you, but I need Father greatly. This is a very trying time for me. I cry daily and all night, my heart is weak. I’m afraid and I don’t know what to do or how to move. I want to be still and trust God, but something tells me (perhaps the teaching of the world and the many failures in the church) that I need to fix this the best I can. If I don’t move I will be without anything. Then again, I’ve always called myself fixing stuff and it doesn’t last. I want my life to be like it is when I speak for Father. I prepare, but I pray and ask God to speak through me. He does and when He does, I’m baffled in a good way for His kindness; I love it! So how is it that I find myself anxious, desperate, hurting, scared, fearful, lonely, and weary to name a few? How is it saints that I can’t jump up out of bed and thank God with my whole and sincere heart for everything that is coming my way? I need to be here, at this place with Father, but I’m not, I hate it, but I’m not here and I need to get here fast. I’ve asked Him over and over with a sincere heart to teach me to Love Him more than I do, to love Him in a manner that will be pleasing to Him and wherein my life honors Him. I’ve asked to walk in full power and anointing; Holy Spirit filled and lead, with Godly love, and never in self. I’ve asked to be a true vessel for Him so that I lean not to my own understanding. I never dreamed the answer would result in this attack. I’m not certain my faith can make it through the storm.

Saints please seek God on my behalf and on behalf of all those who love Him and are hungry for Him and desire to be in His service. I’ve got to believe all that seek Him whole heartily will suffer greatly, but I it doesn’t change the need, the reality and the fear. Plus, His promises are greater than the sufferings. Can we come together on one accord and lift up the saints? We need to support one another. Even those that continue to spew out religious propaganda because life is smiling on them, or they don’t realize they are walking in self doctrine and Christ is no where to be found; or those who have puffed themselves up and esteem themselves higher than they are, we need to pray for them, because the words says, if they are not against me, they are for me; meaning, if they are sharing the gospel, even for selfish motives, the seeds are still planted and fruit will still grow in fertile soil; He will separate the wheat and the tare.

If you seek Father on my behalf, I will greatly appreciate it. I truly need the support; I need to lean on the arms of Christ, for I have no strength in myself. I pray daily, Lord help mine unbelief, and help me to know Your true power and plan for my life. I want to be in obedience to Him, but I know that I can not without His Holy Spirit and Faith. I will lift up all my brothers and sisters in Christ for we are truly in a war and it is written that in the end we win. I want to walk in confidence in Father’s words and realize all His promises.

Pray for me.
Evangelist regi

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Hello Regi I can hear your pain loud and clear. There is so much I could say but really right now that would not even matter but what matters is your SOUL this is my concern. You mentioned you did not know if you could make it through this storm. This shows you are thinking for God instead of letting God do the thinking.

Regi I will say this I help many Women in need all the time I will say to you as I say to them. First Understand you are a child of God and because you love Him and Keep His commandments you embrace the sufferings of Jesus for your life. Second know that no matter what happens you are sealed by God and he does have the last word. Third confusion will come emotions will prevail but know this is just your season for suffering. Fourth God can not take you further unless you have your wilderness experience.

Regi you mentioned as well you prayed and asked to have a closer relationship with him. Did you not think the the devil was not going to attack to the point of trying to take you out. You prayed a mouth full. Even if this attack is of your own doing or not God still loves you to see you through. Don't loose FAITH!!!!! One last thing I would like to share is we have all been where you are and some of us now are suffering as well with attacks WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER THERE IS NO SHAME IN THAT!!!!

My sister Regi your going to make it but while your in it look for what is God trying to teach you in this process because remember it is NOT about YOU but God getting the glory. In the book of Hebrews not sure the chapter but it talks about a shaking taking place among Gods people and when the SHAKING is done what will remain is that which is of God. What you are experiencing reminds me of that. I hope in some way I have comfort you in your battle. The pain of what you are experiencing is deep but get Regi out of the way and LET God Have his WAY. Your in my prayers and when God brings you through please share the testimony so others can find strength in your story to make it through their own.
Good Reply.
Hey Regi what I have to say isn't going to be popular and you know me, I'm not here for a popularity contest. Please understand that God doesn't make us suffer, we suffer because of Satan and our lack of true belief and understanding of what it truly means to have the ministry of reconciliation as stated in 2Corinthians 5:17 - 21. Satan lies to us and tell us that God wants us to suffer to make us stronger. Jesus nailed all that on the cross and we are not still sinners but children of God. Do you really think God wants His children to suffer? That is Satan's lie to us and especially to the so called leaders of the pulpit. If you have a Strongs Concordance please look up the different meanings of the word suffer and you will see it means, patience and not what man says. I'll call you ok. This too will pass.

Here are some meanings for you to look up pertaining to suffer used in scripture under Hebrew and Greek meanings.and you can't find one meaning where it says God makes us suffer to make us stronger! Suffer in some cases is used as an adjective for persecution, adversities and other things but it is because the world doesn't like the true Christian and that kind of suffer is good because as ministers of reconciliation we are to glorify God by defeating that which Satan throws at us and not have the spirit of fear because God didn't provide us with the spirit of fear, He provided us with the Spirit of God. If we have the Spirit of God in us how can we be sick or be afraid. Did Jesus or His disciples ever get sick or flee from Satan or fear him. NO! Instead they used God's Words to make him flee. We have to stop seeing sin in people as Jesus did and just use God's Life words to counter Satan as ministers of reconciliation.

Hebrew: 5414, 5375*, 3240, 3308, 3201 and 7456
Greek: 863, 2010 3958*, 430, 1325, 3805*, 4841* (feel pain, evils - troubles, persecutions), 2210, 4722, 1439, 1377, 5302, 2346, 3679

Look at 1Peter 4:16, suffer here means as a Christian, Greek 5613; Now in 1Peter 4:19 suffer in this case is Greek 3858 means 1) to be affected or have been affected, to feel, have a sensible experience, to undergo; a) in a good sense, to be well off, in good case; b) in a bad sense, to suffer sadly, be in a bad plight; 1) of a sick person
Even the word longsuffering in the NT is Greek 3115 and means: ) patience, endurance, constancy, steadfastness, perseverance; 2) patience, forbearance, longsuffering, slowness in avenging wrongs

Understand what God did with Job was allow Satan to attack Job to show Satan that Job would not denounce God in any way but Satan couldn't kill him. But you see Job was rewarded many times more for his losses but what did Job do? STAND! Stop listening to Satan and man telling you that God makes you suffer to build you up. That is the lie of Satan the great deceiver. Jesus gave us the Blood Provision to conquer all things Satan throw our way. Believe in Him that is greater in you than him that is in the world. You are covered in His Blood Provisions.

James 4:7, Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Look at Jude 9, just rebuke Satan in the name of the Lord.
Thank you Brother John for the words and the call. I appreciate the prayers and your understanding that words of encouragement are nice, but I need the prayers of the righteous. I sincerely appreciate you sharing the word, of course where I am now, it certainly gives me more to take to Father as I do such a poor job of weathering this storm. I'm trying to take comfort in knowing that I'm not alone. Many great leaders before me did poor jobs at some point in their walk, even the disciples.

Your kind words help me to purge more, but please keep me before Father so that I hear Him clearly. I need Father's directions right now and I know you know this to be true. Everything I do and each step I take must be from Father. I believe I should prosper in my suffering, meaning become stronger in Christ so that the same old attacks will not land or cause even a flutter as I crawl through this one. I am crawling Brother, this one has me to my knees, from pain, a position I'm familiar with for prayer, but I find myself just on my knees without any words to say. I then crawl back into bed and talk to Father.

Thank you again for your prayers...Oh that Father will be able to use this storm for His mighty Glory, I pray that I laugh with an infectious laughter of Joy in Him for my tears are more than enough to wash His feet. Blessings, regi
Yes, Prophet, I'd like the cheese and the crackers, are you providing them? You see whine, I see encouraging myself and being honest with my pain. I wonder as you read the word of God if you go through and say this to all who cried out during their pain, like David, like Job, even Christ and others, if you were there I guess you would provide the cheese and whine.

I pray that if such a storm befalls you, someone with greater compassion is placed in your path to encourage you. Jesus ministered with lovingly kindness, everywhere I read which is why it's so easy to love Him. He suffered so that He knows what we feel when our hurts and trials are on us. I'm happy that you are in a place where you can walk tall, please don't walk over those who are not there, let us get there.

With loving kindness, I have drawn thee. I just asked for your prayers, do you know how to pray? Please do that then Prohet Jaja, please just share your displeasure of my method with Father. Blessings, regi
Thank you Sister Tara, I appreciate your words of encouragement. As you read my plea for help you will know that it is a plea for the support of the saints to rally around me during this storm. I understand that I must suffer for His sake, and I know Satan will launch a mighty attack, and I know me as well. I'm honest with where I am with Father, and honest in my desire to be all that He has for me and honest in my pain.

I'm usually on the other end sharing in love and giving help and support. I've suffered many storms and my life is a testimony out of this world, it seems that they never stop, many of my own doing, some I believe becasue of my walk, and some I haven't a clue, life's bumps, but I want to hold onto the word that says all things are working together for my good. My thought is not to let me do anything, but confess my fears and my weakness so the saints can stand with me to help me through as you are doing. I know the word, I know there is a mighty God, but something is amiss, something is damaged, things and dissapointments, and failures have weakened my Faith becasue I did not walk in the joy of my sufferings. I need Father to be clear with me and speak to my heart.

I'm all to pray with me and for me; my hope is after this storm, I'm stronger, wiser, and more effective for Father's Kingdom, but yes, Sister Tara the pain is so deep and so great that I find myself fearful as to whether I can make it through it standing, but I won't take my eyes off God, especially since I know there is no other help, and with the comfort of true saints praying with and for me.

May God bless you for your prayers and kind words of encouragement. Please keep me lifted before God, Words are nice, and I'm in God's word, and reading things to fill me with hope, but I need a move of Father's hand. I need to feel Him holding me through this, I need a wilderness type protection, but as far as the wilderness, every trial that comes up people say that we are in the wilderness, I've had so many wilderness experiences that if I believed that this was my wilderness experience I would be just like the children in the wilderness stuck on stupid seeking help from anything and anyone except Father; I can say I'm not stuck on stupid my eyes are on God, as I hope is evident in my plea to fellow saints. I have to believe that I'm suffering for His sake, and that I will be able to learn the lesson Father will have me learn from this, quickly and fully, but mostly that He will strenghten me through it. I will share the testimony for giving Father His Glory is important and the reason for my being! Blessings and thank you again, regi
Thank you woman of God, I appreciate your words and your prayers. As with all who wish me well through this time, I'm grateful and prayerful for their well being as well. I'm there sister in a way and I hear you loud and clear; I've never been big on a lot of social stuff and mess or politics, I love humility! I'm more on the end of helping others particular in circles that many will not find themselves, I'd like to think that I like to stay where the harvest is. I don't run in circles, I just love on people and while I'm usually the life of any gathering and filled with zeal and positive words and all the good stuff, I'm here now--I'm standing in need of more of Father, to be greater equipped for the battles and storms, to be more effective for the Kingdom.

I'm at this crossroad or stopping place where I'm saying to Father, "Father Your Will, I Want My Will To Be Your Will, I Know I Haven't a Clue Without You Father, I Have No Answers, and No Clear Directions, I'm Nothing Without You, Yet, I Continue to Keep Sticking My Hands Where They Don't Need To Be As If I Have the Answer Outside of You Father, and I Don't Want To Be There; Help Me to Trust You Completely, Becoming Confident in Total Dependence On You!"

This my sister is the most frightening place I've been in with Father. I'm sincere when I seek out the prayers of the righteous, for I believe that in the Kingdgom of God we must stand together and we must support one another, I know this becasue I need my brothers and sister to help me gird up for this one. This is truly a cry for help and support from those who truly Love Father. So, thank you again, each of you; You, Sister Tara, Brother John, and all those who have said, indeed sister I will stand with you in prayer.

May God richly bless you and your family. Blessings
Neither Prophet Jaja. I haven't a clue, perhaps trying to encourage myself, when I'm in this place that I don't care to be, prefer not be, and feel helpless in. I know where I am weak so I guess I'm saying, I'm at a place where I need the prayers of my fellow saints because I should be more confident, but I do think it's okay to reach out to my fellow saints, or maybe I'm gentle in explaining to those who read this request that I truly seek their prayers. I have nothing to boast of in and of myself, but I hope to be able to boast in Him one day without doubting or wavering.

Prophet Jaja, the request is what it is, no hidden agendas. When I wrote it, I was doubled over with pain, afraid, and my heart hurt deeply. I knew that I needed to reach out to Father, but I didn't feel I could do it alone. Not having a true supportive base here, and understanding and seeing the plight of our churches and the our Christians walk, I thought perhaps in this method there might be a few remnants out there who truly can hear from God and who truly loves Father who might understand having gone through some great lost themselves, what it's like to be alone and in a place where you are determined not to faint but afraid you might; that those people might say, I know what she's asking, not to be lectured, just to be supported in prayer. I'm just trying to hear from Father at this time. Just to hear from Him, for He is my answer I truly believe. So if you have ear and perhaps a heart or mind to pray, this is all I ask.
Thank you for your words of encouragement Rev Luckett, and again I thank everyone for their words of encouragement. I pray my words are not causing anyone to walk on eggs shells or feel that they really need to watch what they say to me becasue I don't mean to cause this. Indeed Rev Luckeet, I don't ever and prayerfully never will or desire, as long as I seek Father's face, to consider myself super saved, I know better. I'm very open and up front with Father. I try not to hide my flaws or weaknesses becasue I want to see them so I can ask Father to remove them and deliver me from them to destroy them--oust them!

I appreciate your prayers very much sincerely so. My placing myself out here is simply becasue I want to walk according to Father's Word, and of course I parahrased it leaving out some important parts, "The EFFECTIVE and FERVENT prayers of a righteous man avails much!" I need much at this point so I'm shamelessly reaching out to those who are truly called of God, committeed to Him, and sold out for Him. I'm sure I've fallen short in many areas of my walk as well Rev, so I don't run-duck-dogdge-pretend or hide from those sins I know do, and I won't from those revealed to me; I keep a magnitfying glass of conviction on my life, never condemnation, but I want to know my mistakes, my weaknesses and errors because I've got to get this walk with Father right. I don't know why this massive storm has besieged me, but I know that it is massive, painful, frightening, and lonely causing a desparateness and anxiousness in me that is not of Father. I live in this city alone as far a family goes, and I minister to those most people don't hang with so I have no real social circle to claim. When a person like me goes through, the people in my so called social circle remind me of the cock roaches I grew up with, the light goes on and they scatter. Well, when the light from furnance was turned up on me, they scattered, and i'm not angry disappointed or anything like that. I understand what they might fear as well; if it happens to regi, my God what will happen to us. They can't see me suffer or being down, and I understand. I try to explain always, but for the grace of God there goes me in your shoes, but when I'm in their shoes, they wonder what happened to the grace of God or if I'm real becasue their eyes were on me instead of God. I must keep my eyes on God as I try to share with others, but the flesh...the flesh!

I think there comes a time where we need to be alone, as Jesus was often. He would go to a quiet place to be alone with Father and seek His guidance. I could be wrong, but I think Father is answering my prayers and i don't like the process, He's drawing me much closer as I requested, and building my life so that it completely honors Him, and increasind my love for Him and total dependent on Him. If God does not do it, it won't be done. I've got to trust Him and lean to Him, which is why I'm seeking the supportive, effective and fervent prayers of those who Father knows is righteous because these are the ones that will avail much. I take the prayers of all wishing me well and I in turn offer praise and prayers for them in like kind. Thank you for your prayers and please have your prayer warriors to pray for and with me. I need the support; I must hear from Father, I must hear from heaven.

Blessings, regi
Thank you for understanding and I will. I will Rev Luckett, talk with someone that is; it's just Father right now and of course reading these kind words or encouragement, while they aren't changing my situation, they are feeding my mind with the Word and this can't ever hurt. Thank you and God bless you. regi
No Prophet, I don't think I'm the only one who has suffered, and trust me this is not my only suffering, but when a person is going thru knowing that another has suffered too or even worse does not change the hurt or the pain of their suffering. Tough skin is developed over time and I've prayed not to have too tough of skin. I want to feel my hurt, I want to know the defeated feeling and the lonliness when I suffer these things so that I am able to draw others to Christ with loving kindness the word speaks of which draws those hurting to God.

I don't profess to be bible scholar, just one who truly Loves God and His Word, so I know that God has made each and everyone of us unique in our own way for His purpose. Perhaps in your ministering the curt handling without compassion or understanding is effective, but I think there is a time and season and method to witness based on the person's need. I never want to be as the tough skinned person. I want to feel as David felt and cried throughout the Psalms. Yet in his fears and throughout his constant cries like many before and after Him, even Christ, victory was his and I'm trusting will be mine as He makes me strong.

My hurt and pain is real to me, and please don't casually dismiss or minimize it, for it is truly real and there is more than you can began to know. It's scary for me, it has me sometimes so low that I have to roll over to pray, but praying I am doing and seeking I am doing. I find joy when I'm talking about Father to a fellow believer who is exciting about Him. This is where I have been finding my strength and joy, reading His word, praying and crying out to Him, and sharing the word with like minded saints.

Don't get it twisted, this place I'm in is very painful. You are not in it. And if you've been here and made it thru, thank God it's in your past. Thank God. I find that it's easy to give words of instructions particularly when you are not in the place of the person, but put yourself in that person's place and then share. At this point, I'm standing, and waiting, and asking, and seeking, and hoping in Father. Your prayers would be appreciated, but if you truly glean that I'm not as you say an "ordinary saint" then trust the God in me and trust that I've not placed myself out here to be reprimanded or chasten by man, even well meaning, I asked only for the support and prayers of the saints, so please pray for where you think I'm weak or in need. This is not the time to dish out well meaning chastisement, at least not for me Prophet, it's just not the time for me.

I thank you for your words and appreciate your prayers. Blessings, regi
hello Regi,
To God be the Glory in all things; even when those things are weighing us down; but there is a purpose in the things we are going through & sometimes you may cry out & say Oh Father why? Father I hurt; Father I don't understand. The enemy will attack when you are making a difference in the kingdom. or sometimes we can bring things on ourselves, but whatever the reason, know that God is a way-maker & a deliverer. This is an adage that the old folk use to say, but it is tried & tested. He will bring you out of this thing. you will reap if you faint not. continue to praise Him; continue to give Him the glory; continue to bless His name for He is worthy to be praised. Read portions of Psalm 91 daily. Pray the scriptures. He that dwelleth in the secret place of The Most High God, shall abide under the shadow of The Almighty, I will say of Him He is my refuge & my fortress; in Him will I put all my trust. Other prayers from The Scriptures; 1) Lord i will fear no evil, for thou art with me. Your word & Your Spirit comfort me; i am far from oppression, & fear does not come near me. No weapon formed against me shall prosper.2) I take the shield of faith & quench every fiery dart that the wicked one brings against me 3) i am delivered from evil in this world for it is the will of God concerning me.No evil will befall me. neithershall any plague come nigh my dwelling; For the Lord has given His angels charge over me & they keep me in all my ways; and in my pathway is life & not death. 4)I trust in The Lord with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding. In all my ways I ackowledge Him & He directs my path. 5)I will do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 6) The joy of The Lord is my strength.He is the strength of my life7)The peace of God- the shalom of God, which passes all understanding, keeps my heart & mind through Christ Jesus. Lord I believe it and receive it right now; In the Holy and majestic name of Jesus, AMEN!!

Be blessed woman of God

Minister Bobbie


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