To all my friends on this network and all the true men and women of God, I have great need. I would per-adventure to say that I'm not the only one, but for some reason when we accept our calling or are legally ordained under man's religious ceremonies, we wrongly get this notion that we should have it all together. Perhaps we believe that we should really know something amazing and powerful all of a sudden? Many have become self proclaimed prophets and flawless leaders, save me—I’m just pressing forward hoping that Father will accept my humble offerings!

I'm reaching out through this post hoping to shake the bushes so that those who are truly sold out for Father and can bear true witnesses to Father's ways will reach out to me mainly through prayer. I'm thinking of the scripture wherein the word state that "the prayers of a righteous man availeth much!"

I need your prayers. I find myself in a storm that reminds of me of the stories in the bible where even the disciples failed to avail as they tried to walk according to what Jesus had taught them. One story is where men tried to cast our demons based on what they had seen rather than what was in their hearts or demonstrative in their spiritual walk with Christ. They failed and the demons reminded them quickly that they knew of Jesus and the disciples but not them. Again when the disciples tried to cast out a legion of demons they failed and Jesus explained that this comes through fasting and praying.

I’ve reached a point in my spiritual walk that I need to have more than words or Faith that is easily demonstrated during the calm or festive seasons of my life. I can’t explain it, but I know that where I am now, the attacks are so great that it would be easy to lie down and say I gave it my best shot, but I don’t see how I can make it through this. I find myself timidly asking the question why? Timid because I know there is a God and I know that Jesus suffered much for us so who am I to whine when I suffer, but honestly, and this is just one area where I want God to help me, because I know if I’m to serve Him, I can’t give “man answers” to deep rooted hurts anymore, I’ve got to be so submissive that I’m able to let go and let God give the God answers.

Let me explain, when someone is suffering, we often say, God’s got it or God has you, when we don’t know the heart of the person (unless Father has revealed it) we don’t know the extent of their sufferings (unless we have suffered it as well, but it still will differ because each individual have different tolerances and some have no support groups and even more true, when the pain is great and pressing, the person is looking for the pain to stop, not to hear encouraging words without power), and we truly mean well by quoting the scriptures which is wise as God’s word is in itself power, but our Faith ignites that power. So I ask myself regi, Miss so called Evangelist with your awesome gift to encourage and stir up, where is your faith now that you are in the bottomless pit? What do you do now?

I cry, I’m weak, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m afraid. While one might say, you are not alone for God never leaves or forsakes you; the loneliness and fear of the unknown becomes real and tangible and visible and somewhere inside I cry timidly, “then please show yourself now Father, I don’t want to look back at the footprints in the sand, I want to know and need to know You are here right now, for now is real for me and now is the need!” I watch those that are not facing what the other person is facing have very good words--(including me, although I’ve tried not to do this anymore—I listen, empathize and sympathize, and if there is something I can do and I’m lead to do I do, but mostly I pray ,for God is the one with the answer, I’m just an instrument for Him. I can’t help but think that when the person is facing the storm, the words need to take on life as they did when the disciples feared the boat would perish in the storm and Jesus waved His hand and spoke peace be still! I need the storm calmed in my life, I need the hope replenished. The word of Father needs to accomplish and move less I faint.

What am I asking? Heck if I know, but those reading this who have an ear and whose heart God places it on will know exactly what it is and know exactly what to do. The prayers of the righteous availeth much. I’m of the mindset to believe that we are Christians, be it leaders or servants as we all serve Father, must bear the infirmities of the weak. The bible clearly tells us of the weaknesses and the trials we will face, I wish and pray that we will be able to come together on each other’s behalf and truly with a whole hearts intercede for our fellow Christians. I sometimes think that we should not want for anything, particularly anything that sustains our life, and that we should be walking in the promises of God, being about His business, but we all have our own agendas and our ministries that are so different from the other man’s or many say better than our fellow brother or sister, but shouldn’t we all be of one spirit and on one accord, never meting (measuring) our growth in comparison, but helping to equip one another to be everything Father wants His soldiers to be?

I find myself hard pressed to hold on to my faith when I look at the world the religious world that represents Father, because I see no power, just fancy words and I question myself; I doubt at times, and when suffering to boot, it becomes even more of a struggle to hold on. I don’t see true deliverance, or true anointing, I see fighting. There is doctrinal fighting, religious laws fighting, male verses female fighting, ordination fighting, questioning of other’s calling, when as I’ve cried out on many occasions, people are hurting and suffering because we are weak and for the most power useless in the kingdom. Let His Kingdom come and His will be done, then our little finite weak religious wills are of not consequence as we become completely subjective to His will!

I don’t take my call lightly, and I do believe that I’m going to screw up more and more. I’m under such great attack, and this time I can say it’s not self inflicted or I believe it’s not. The questions are: Is it from Satan, (allowed by Father for nothing happens without Him) or Is Father trying to teach me something. I feel He’s trying to get me to be totally dependent on Him. I fear He’s answering my prayers and I’m falling apart through the furnace process. I want to believe that Father loves my sincerity and broken and contrite spirit and my brutal honest confessions of my fears and lack of knowledge. I want to think that Father has me and that He wants me to look only to Him, which makes me question putting out this blog, then I say, but Father, I’m only asking for the support of my fellow saints even if of the 12,000 members there is only 1 true to you, I look for the support Father, for you your word says that the prayers of the righteous avails much!

I don’t know about you, but I need Father greatly. This is a very trying time for me. I cry daily and all night, my heart is weak. I’m afraid and I don’t know what to do or how to move. I want to be still and trust God, but something tells me (perhaps the teaching of the world and the many failures in the church) that I need to fix this the best I can. If I don’t move I will be without anything. Then again, I’ve always called myself fixing stuff and it doesn’t last. I want my life to be like it is when I speak for Father. I prepare, but I pray and ask God to speak through me. He does and when He does, I’m baffled in a good way for His kindness; I love it! So how is it that I find myself anxious, desperate, hurting, scared, fearful, lonely, and weary to name a few? How is it saints that I can’t jump up out of bed and thank God with my whole and sincere heart for everything that is coming my way? I need to be here, at this place with Father, but I’m not, I hate it, but I’m not here and I need to get here fast. I’ve asked Him over and over with a sincere heart to teach me to Love Him more than I do, to love Him in a manner that will be pleasing to Him and wherein my life honors Him. I’ve asked to walk in full power and anointing; Holy Spirit filled and lead, with Godly love, and never in self. I’ve asked to be a true vessel for Him so that I lean not to my own understanding. I never dreamed the answer would result in this attack. I’m not certain my faith can make it through the storm.

Saints please seek God on my behalf and on behalf of all those who love Him and are hungry for Him and desire to be in His service. I’ve got to believe all that seek Him whole heartily will suffer greatly, but I it doesn’t change the need, the reality and the fear. Plus, His promises are greater than the sufferings. Can we come together on one accord and lift up the saints? We need to support one another. Even those that continue to spew out religious propaganda because life is smiling on them, or they don’t realize they are walking in self doctrine and Christ is no where to be found; or those who have puffed themselves up and esteem themselves higher than they are, we need to pray for them, because the words says, if they are not against me, they are for me; meaning, if they are sharing the gospel, even for selfish motives, the seeds are still planted and fruit will still grow in fertile soil; He will separate the wheat and the tare.

If you seek Father on my behalf, I will greatly appreciate it. I truly need the support; I need to lean on the arms of Christ, for I have no strength in myself. I pray daily, Lord help mine unbelief, and help me to know Your true power and plan for my life. I want to be in obedience to Him, but I know that I can not without His Holy Spirit and Faith. I will lift up all my brothers and sisters in Christ for we are truly in a war and it is written that in the end we win. I want to walk in confidence in Father’s words and realize all His promises.

Pray for me.
Evangelist regi

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Bless you Minister Bobbie, bless you for pouring out Father's word for me to meditate on. This is what I've elected to do, hopefully in God's will as well: to seek His face and direction, cry to Him for correction if needed, delieverance, protection, pray for His wisdom and guidance, feast on His word, and hear clearly His voice, and your reminder to pray His word is excellent encouragement. I do want you to please keep me lifted and share with others so they can keep me lifed as well. I truly believe we should all come together and bare one another burdens in love (intercessory prayer) so that we can all celebrate God's victory together equally in Love! Blessings, and thank you for reaching out with your Love I truly desire the prayers and appreciate the support and encouragement of all my sisters and brothers in Christ! regi
Rev Luckett, again thank you for your kind words and thoughts towards me. I must say I'm disappointed in me. I will be sharing the word of God with someone over the phone and getting excited about His word and even feel my hope rise, then I find myself in that place again. I hate it with a passion, but if it is the process I must endure to be closer with my Father and all He wants me to be, then I'm willing to cry through it, push through it, read through it, pray through it, hurt through it, sometimes, I sleep through it because I don't have to think about the hurt and the overwhelming things standing in line waiting for my attention.

But I'm hopeful when I read the words of my brothers and sisters and know that someone is praying with and for me. I'm praying that I am ready for this awesome and great thing Father has in store for me so that I will honor Him with my whole heart and with my life. I am prayerful and hopeful. Today I could use some extra prayers, today, I really could. May God richly bless you as well, Blessings regi
You know Rev Luckett, first let me say thank you again for your words of encouragement. I'm even begininng to second guess having put this discussion on BPN. I was just thinking of how hopeless I felt and how needy, weak and worthless I felt when it all hit me at once, (call myself an Evangelist) where is my faith and strength, and power in Father? I while I didn't call people crying, I still did it in writing. Am I truly trusting Father? I tell you, I'm not certain. I was just trying to justify writing this by saying, "Father maybe someone will read this who is going through someting similar and be blessed from it", but then is that truly the case? The people who will read it have read it, and while I periodically check back to see what new nugget I might have, something to get my mind engaged, I'm torn.

I want to cry and and don't want to cry, I want to talk and I think I shouldn't talk, I want to be strong but I want Father to fix this and hold me and make everything okay, I guess I'm just venting, and yet I'm still writing, so the question comes, are you truly waiting on God or are you looking for the prayers or others because you don't trust where you are? I don't know...I just don't know...But I, I guess, I, I don't know. I'm just here, and I pray that I get it right really soon, really soon...

"Oh how I need you Father, how I need you so very much."

Blessiings, regi
Minister Bobbie, for your love and kindness I am grateful, for your prayers I'm elated, for your Hope for me in Christ Jesus I'm beside myself and ever so hopeful, looking to see these great things Father has for me come to fruition; this will indeed be a day of joyous celebration and one I will hold to heart forever! I do enjoy the Psalms which is the book I've chosen to read throughout this storm. I read and meditate on 2 a day along with my other reading. David gives me hope as he cried out to Father so amazingly.

Thank you for standing with me Minister Bobbie, please know that it is truly appreciated and much needed. I imagine people use BPN for an array reasons, I use it only to enjoy feasting off others, and for this now, to reach out. I'm reaching truly because I'm not afraid or ashame to say I need the support during this storm. So again thank you. To God be the Glory and may His blessings pour out on you. Today, lift me, today! Blessings, regi
Please forgive the error in the name Spoken and Motion.
Thank you for understanding I will. I just realized that I had thanked Minister Bobbie in response to your reply, but I thank Spoken & Motion Ministries and Minister Bobbie, and Rev Luckett, and Sister Tara, and Prophet Jaja and Brother John, and all those who've read and prayed, and I thank God for people willing to reach out. Thank you, I will email you. Blessings, regi
This I trust He's doing in me.

Blessings, regi
My prayer for you my sister is that God would strengthen you by his might in your inner man. Even that He would uphold you in His right hand of righteousness for His names sake. God grant you peace in the midst of this storm. May He open up the very eyes of your understanding and cause you to stand in His vision; that you would begin to see through the eyes of faith and truly see the breadth, the depth, and the height of all that which concern and trouble you. May you begin to see through this what God is doing in your life. It shall work together with everything else that is happening in your life, for your good. I rebuke the devil now on your behalf and cancel every assignment of the enemy on your life. I command the adversary to cease and desist all maneuvers against you now in the name of Jesus. I send an anointed word to break and destroy every yoke of the enemy. The word I send you is the word NOW! Yeah a second word I send and this word is "LET!" I curse this storm at its very root and I speak death to it. With the same breath, I speak life and peace to my sister, Regi. Let her prosper in her way. Let the gift of God that she have of God be stirred up in her that the Sheri who is called and sir-named after Christ might stand up in herlike an exceeding great army, to put aflight a thousand devils for she is a son of God. And Father, I will be most careful to give you the glory, the honor, and all praise in Jesus Holy Name. Thank You Lord for hearing me. I thank you because you always hear me.. And You said if I know that you hear me when I pray according to your will, that I shall have the petitition that I desire of you. The petitition that I desire of you is for my sister, Regi. Thank You Father. I BELIEVE. Amen.
Oh My! Bless you Pastor King and your wife and family. Bless you for your prayer and reaching out. I sincerely receive it and appreciate it. This is what I was asking, this all I was asking, if only we can all come together to gird one another up during our storms, trials and testings in spirit and in truth, and ot try to step in and judge, figure out, take advantage of, or show case, just love on each other enough to intercede, for we are His children--I thank God for your prayer. I believe the Apostles had the idea as the fellowshipped when they could and when they couldn't be together they supported the followers in letters and by sending fellow believers. God bless you and all of those who have been so amazingly wonderful and awesome in kind support. I pray the next time you see something written from me it will be an Awesome Praise Report and the Mighty Arm of Father! Indeed bless you! Evangeilist regi
All glory be to our Father in heaven, my dear sister. I remember when I was in junior high school. I was a late bloomer so to speak, so all my fellows were larger than me. I was a fast runner, and because of this I was valued on the track team. We track team members had to workout with the football players, as there was not enough time and equipment to schedule our training event seperately. These guys would be bench pressing 250 - 300 pounds. I did well to muscle up a buck twenty-five. Not only was I the weakest, but i was embarrassed by it, so much so that I hardly wanted to train in the weight room. For the most part, the whole lot of them were buffed and chiseled with bulging muscles that gave them the very look of an athelete. I didn't look like an athelete. I looked like a stick. But just because I didn't look like one did not mean I wasn't one. I worked out some, but not consistantly, and always wondered, Where are my muscles? Coach Cooper walked in one day while I was sitting on the bench and he told me. Your muscles are there. He said, they're there but you don't know it until you've tried them. The way muscles are builded up is through challenge of an opposing force. The more you do it, the stronger they become. To make a long story short, I put into practice his advice and worked out faithfully, and you know I began to see my muscles. Soon everyone began to see them. I was able to lift more weights and to showcase a more manly body among my peers. As it is in the natural, so it is in the spirit. Your faith are your muscles that you cannot see, but if you will with thanksgiving endure this hardship as a good soldier and resist the opposing force that is been stacked up against you, you will see your faith. Soon the trial of your faith muscles will be of no great consequence. You will be able to embrace the trouble and filter the goodness out of it. Your troubles by comparison will become but light afflictions, but they shall be afflictions none the less. Only you shall be able to bear them. I am comforted by the Fathers word which says, He will not suffer us to be tempted above that which we are able, but that He will with the temptation provide us a way to escape that we may bear it. This is why I say, endure with thanksgiving. In all things (good or bad) we are to give thanks, for this is the will of God concerning us. But when I come to what seems to be the end of my rope and I think that I am not able to bear up, I cry unto the Lord and He hear me. I realize that he is not slack concerning his promises. If He says he will not suffer me to take on more than I can bear, then I must be able to bear this trial. And although my mind tells me I can't I know I can because he has allowed this temptation. So I thank God that He has confidence in me, to know that I can do it when I don't know that I can. While I am saying where is my faith, He is saying, It's there. You just gotta work it. This trial is not to break you but to make you. The funny thing about a muscle is, If you want it to grow, you'll have to afflict it and almost injure it. Then when it heals it grows back stronger and bigger. The more th process is repeated the bigger the muscle becomes. I know my dear sister that you shall come through this. Jesus was able to endure His cross because of the joy that was set before Him. He knew that there was something beautiful and worthwhile on the other side of that hell he had to go through. And I say to you sister, there is a joy on the other side of your hell as well. Be encouraged my sister. He will not let you fall. He is with you and He cares. He knows your end, and the end of this temptation. You shall see the victory; in Jesus Name.
P.S. Sorry about being so chatty. I try not to be. but I love my siblings in the Lord.
And your siblings in the Lord love you and the words your shared. Beautiful, Pastor King, and true! It's good to hear it from your siblings, because even if you think you know a thing, in the storm, the storm seems larger and at times we focus on the storm and lose sight of how Big our Father is; "but they overcame by the Word of God and their testimonies!" This is very good Pastor, I ate every thing off my plate and didn't leave a crumb, for this is good food for my soul! Thank God for your words of encouragement. Blessings, Evangelist regi
Thank you for those kind words to both my sister of Spoken and Motion Ministries, and Sister Regi. May God be glorified. The storm can't last always. Fear not it is only the wind.


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