I know we don't see eye to eye on much, but I'm concern about her, is she having the baby? Where is she Rest of God Ministries?

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Yeah - where is she? I didnt know she was expecting a child...God bless her and family. :-)
Hmmm no response yet?? the little baby must be on the way.

Lord, we thank you for this blessed moment in our sister and brother's life, and we rejoice with them in your Name Amen!
Hello Evangelist Fugett and everyone else, Shes doing fine. The baby is not due for another 3 weeks, thanks for asking! She has been resting and I have been installing a wood stove and repairing a roof. As you can see we've been a little busy. It is good know know you all care about us, and when she have the baby we will be posting photos. Thanks again, and may God bless you.
Praise the Lord, tell her to take it easy!
I sure will, thanks
In 3 weeks buddy, give or take a few days you know how it goes. What flavor bubble gum would you like?
Thanks to everyone for your concern. Patience is a virtue and I thank God he has given it to me. Hopefully, I can jump back in with the discussions a few months down the line, but right now tiredness, stretched responsibilities and time won't allow for it.

Be Blessed.
God bless! and may you get some rest and relaxation. :-)
Praise be to God! He is so good. My wife (EW) gave birth on November 20, 2009 We had a natural home water birth without aid, drugs or medicine. The Lord instructed me to go on a 4 day fast and the day after to fast ended she went into labor and gave birth to Baby Grace, 8lbs 3oz. all is well. My wife is doing great and so is the baby. Thank you all for your prayers, we so deeply appreciate your concern. Thank you Evang.

O my goodness!!!!!! She is so scrumptious.

And what a beautiful testimony Brother Banks!
Send my love and best wishes to Sister Banks. You guys are so blessed. :-)

Praise Yah!
I couldn't resist posting this. Praise God for this wonderful blessing. Glad to be his child. God Bless all.


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