Greetings to you all in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ. My ears are attentive to all aspects of conversation. With the diverse multi-racial society that we live in, how would we feel about joining a White Preaching Network( currently none exist under that name)? Would we, as African-Americans, along with all other races, feel a compelling spiritual opportunity to reach thousands- possibly millions one day, the same way we do on Black Preaching Network. Have we ever deeply asked ourselves, would we be ministering to others the same way we would regardless of the radical, racial, barriers that are set up for division of all nationalities and races.Would the excitement be the same as we see our fellow non-black brothers and sisters joining and pledging to this website?Do you think that we racially split ourselves as followers of Christ? What is the need for 'Black' in front of preaching? Just a good, profound, train of thought. Thanks for replying and I love you all. God bless.

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I can't speak for anyone else, but for me...I never really gave any thought to the name of this site. I was out surfing on the web one day and stumbled upon it. I thought it was great to have a place to come and have healthy intelligent conversation with other believers. I don't believe the site is only for black preachers although I could see where some white individuals may not join. However, on the other hand, I have seen white members on this site. Not sure if it is promoting some form of racial divide. Because I am the type of person that I am...I would have joined the site even if it stated white preaching network if it was for believers because I am a believer. I minister to all types of people of different nationalities so I don't really see color when it comes to the gospel of Christ. Everyone need to hear it. To one of your questions...I guess there really isn't a need for "black" in front of preaching network, but I did not form the site so don't know what the vision was for the individual that did. However, I think it is pretty safe to say that he/she wasn't attempting to divide the Body of Christ..God Bless!
I have to agree, I was referred to this site by another minister, but I have participated on a couple of other sites as well, they were beneficial to me, it open my eyes to others concepts, some I agreed with some I disagreed. however it was a tool I used there and here to force me to study the word more ,become a strong defender of it and learn.
Well, I have to DISAGREE with YOU ALL! I wrote a post just minutes before this STEVIE did entitled, 'Why Aren't BLACK PREACHERS withstanding the RACISM of the so-called CHRISTIAN RIGHT? Who, by the way happened to by and large be white and NOBODY answered! Yet, Stevie comes up with this, 'we are all one' speech and blacks answer. I stand amazed, yet, not really!

I believe in believers no matter what race, creed or color they may be as long as they walk in TRUTH (3 Jn. 4):. However, when it comes to BLACK INJUSTICE I find that by and large, the 'WE ARE ALL ONE, ' WE ARE NOT BLACK OR WHITE' RHETORIC repeatedly comes up instead of "let's acknowledge this RACIST injustice and do something about it.' It's WRONG, no, it's worse than WRONG, it's EVIL!

In fact, the entirety of the 'I don't notice race' WHITE CHURCH never notices it, when it comes to CORRECTING INJUSTICES COMMITTED AGAINST BLACKS! It is an ABOMINATION before God that such types, not that all Caucasians are of that type, speak that way.

In fact, the Caucasians that usually NOTICE RACISM are those who are DENIGRATED and/or referred to as LIBERALS.

In ancient times, the Quakers NOTICED it, and DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Now, in today's world, Blacks are mocked for even referring to ourselves by an appellation (Ps. 137:3). We are MOCKED or as the psalmist would put it, 'See how they mock our every thought, walk, talk' more or less to 'redeem' ourselves as a people amidst a WHITE RACIST people who NOTICED US enough to ENSLAVE, SEGREGATE and lastly, continously DISCRIMINATE against us.

So, you see, unlike you all, I NOTICED 'BLACK PREACHING NETWORK' and in fact, the HOLY SPIRIT led me to NOTICE it that the 'fervent, effectual, prayers of righteous' BLACKS might break the satanic evil that has come up against my life.

Oh, and by the way, 'Whites don't have to call themselves whites' because prior to Obama, they just called themselves, 'AMERICANS, OR REPUBLICANS' and it was a code word for WHITE. Don't cha' think?

Unlike whites, we as descendants of an enslaved people don't know our exact ethnic origin such as WHITES, ASIANS, LATIN AMERICANS, ETCH. who ALL THE TIME identify themselves by their WHITENESS, YELLOWNESS, BROWNESS but call it Italian, German, Polish, Latin, korean, Chinese, etc. We were denied that history to call ourselves by the various AFRICAN ETHNIC GROUP so instead we call ourselves BLACK OR AFRICAN/AMERICAN and are MOCKED for so doing it. Unbelieveable! (Ps. 137:3).

How many times have you heard WHITES criticize other white CHRISTIAN ethnic groups who identify themselves by THEIR WHITE ETHNIC GROUP?


Check it out: And in fact, GOOGLE/SEARCH any I missed!







Oh BLACK RESPONDENTS, .right after STEVIE J. posted this post AND BEFORE I EVEN REPLIED TO IT, I received the following email. I Just felt led of the Holy Spirit to let others know just in case they too are having problems. I also wanted to let Stevie know so he can 'deal with it.'

"To: Ms. Elaine Johnson
From: Steven "steviej" Johnson
Subject: Steven "steviej" Johnson has added you as a friend on Black Preaching Network
Date: Saturday, June 6, 2009 7:25 PM

Steven "steviej" Johnson has added you as a friend on Black Preaching Network

To accept this friend request, visit:
I was going to let you keep on talking without replying to any of your frivolous messages Elaine Johnson. However, I must give you good advice from one brother to another person. If your personal feelings are driving you to diviate from the original topic of conversation, please dont involve the precious Holy Spirit and say He is driving you to highly embarass yourself the way you are. You replied to my message first and then I sent the friend request. Just incase you dont know, this is a public website so if I sent you a friend request it was to have more in-depth convo of what we are talking about. Everyone can see what I send via email so feel free to publish any comment that I send you. Futhermore, your history of the origination of the black race has been warped sharply. Please do more research. Your profile is set to private so obviously no one can communicate with you. In the first message you said that you were white and then the second states that you are black. Maybe this means that you are bi-racial. I highly encourage you to join a sanctified church and ask each and every last member for a hug. It seems needed. I will be praying for you and hope we can see eye 2 eye on things that we agree on rather than disagree on. May God enrich your thoughts.
Oh my, my dear 'paranoid' one, I pray for you. I'm so sorry you feel this way. I pray others will pray for you as well. 'Embarass myself?" Correction, I'm SOLELY embarassed at this your reply. "My history on blackness?!" "My History?" What history are you referring to other than the FACTS I JUST POSTED on all the other ETHNIC GROUPS referring to themselves by their identity yet, solely, BLACKS being CRITICIZED?

Are you saying that Koreans, Chinese, Latin Americans, Germans, Irish, Italian, Polish Christians, etc., are criticized by WHITES or STUPID BLACKS for calling THEIR BOARDS BY THEIR ETHNICITY? Are you literally going to tell a board full of blackfolk that YOUR POST is posted on the ASIAN, LATINO, AND WHITE CHRISTIANS OF EVERY ETHNIC ORIGIN BOARD AS WELL?

Come on, I think you've reflected your OWN SELF-EMBARASSMENT OR SHOULD BE, IF YOU ARE BLACK onto ME, when it SHOULD BE on this your POST! Especially, in light of the fact that I put forth the proof that shows you are either a self-loathing, black skin or a racist white.

I don't know what you are, I've never spoken to you but on this one post that conveniently came up right after I posted the post insisting black ministers speak out against WHITE RACISM, BLATANT WHITE RACISM, I might add, that can be checked out according to the facts i posted in my first reply to your post that again, came up minutes after I posted my post to BLACK MINISTERS.

Yet, somehow, "I'm the one to feel embarassed"? Get Real!

Again, this is the first time I've ever heard tell of you! However, YOU have connived all these opinions upon me from this one post?

Oh, as for the 'email' notice, I just wanted YOU and the OTHER RESPONDENTS, who may have all gotten their notice or NOT, that it didn't come through. I was being a Christian friend to you and here you are, all in a satanic tizzy over something inconsequential or that you have worked up in your head as embarassing. Wow, that's what's embarrassing. Again, wow

Anyway, little one in Christ, no need to defend the HOLY SPIRIT WHO LIVES IN ME AND SPEAKS AGAINST RACISM for He is the same Holy Spirit that spoke through Dr. Martin Luther King, and speaks through righteous blacks with the courage to stand up against on going white racism.

If anything, after your oooh...not well thought out, imbalanced anger and mental confusion it is I, YOU who should be apologizing for claiming to be speaking for the HOLY SPIRIT.

Other than that, may the Holy Spirit heal your troubled mindset. I truly mean that StevieJ., I truly do. No hard feelings and for the record, I sincerely did mean your email didn't come through right or I would have written you back via email. This was the only other way I could sincerely communicate with you. That alone is why I wrote this comment here.

As for my REPLY to your ridiculous post, well, I make no apologies whatsoever! In fact,I was inspired to start an additional post because of your mad ramblings. I put the contents thereof, in my second reply to you. Again, NO APOLOGIES, EMBARRASSMENT WHATSOEVER!! To the Glory of God!
Brother , obviously you took the time to read the blog and got understanding. Thanks a lot, and you have an awesome profile.
This is a great name for all preachers of every color, I'm friends with white, black, green and blue and who ever is preaching "JESUS" thats the key, forget about the name of this site, "SO WHAT?' If JESUS don't get praise here, he'll go to the dope house to get praise, the crack house, prison, where ever his name is thats where I want to be.
Wow...LOL All you asked I think was "How would we fell about joining a White Preaching Network"? And I guess what you were asking your "friends" on BPN to put on the shoes of someone else. If not, that is what I did. If I was a person of a different ethnic group, I would go look to see what they are talking about and I think that is what most intelligent literate people will do. People explore things everyday that don't have nothing to do with them and sometimes come across something that may help them. I am pretty sure BPN has a lot of different ethnic group that come to the sight, whether they join, that will be evident in its members list. See it depends on what an individual is seeking at the time and what they are trying to explore. I do believe when the sight was created, it had Black folk in mind, especially if it was created by a Black person, and I do believe its intent was to draw open dialog from ministers. And we all a ministers in our own respect to what we believe as you can see throughout the different forums. I have not commented on a lot of the forums, but there have been some that I particularly was very interest in, and then I go onto my other forums, which is not of this sight. So, just for my two cents, I don't believe that its intent was to cause racial division, but to let everyone know that Black people OWNED it, and to give everyone a voice and maybe ears to hear. There are alot of things I have learned from this sight and one especially, all of God's children are NOT on the same page.....LOL We all believe we are right and that what we have learned throughout our lives are right or our beliefs are right.'s gonna happen when we all meet our maker. Everyone want you to think, feel and believe they way they do. Everyone say their Holy Scriptures is right. Everyone say that God want this and God want that. But if you really discern anything, is that MAN causes his own division, instead of excepting and loving each other as we should, we must correct them, because they are wrong for whatever reason (if a person don't dress like I do, if a person eat more than another person, if a person don't look like me, etc). Just like this sight...I don't think people that truly cared about ministering to one another thought about the title much other than I get to see what some person is ministering about the get on a debate, argue LOL etc. with each other. I have had some interesting dialog on this sight and for instance, Bro. Moreh, has made me do some research and I understood that there is no good reason for me to debate with him further on what to call the Messiah. I call Him Jesus, and he say it is pagan and I love him for his correction, but as I said before everyone of us think that we are right and we will meet the maker one day and have to answer for ourselves. We just need to examine ourselves before we say anything to anyone about anything and try to do it out of love and respect for one another, whether it is reciprocated or not, because they will have to answer for themselves.

Smiling....and May God Continue to Bless you and guide you.

P.S. Oh this also can be a business strategy and I hope I am not crabbing (meaning pulling a bro. and/or sis. down) who created this site. Because they do announce how many people have joined an their excitement.

BET sold to Viacom, in announcing the reason for this buyout, said that the African American TV market is growing faster than the general market; their ad-directed market is also growing faster than the general market. So they want to get in on this growing market.

This buyout will make Robert L. Johnson the second-largest individual stockholder at Viacom, over Mario Gabelli, but far short of Viacom's founder Sumner Redstone.
So I said all of that to say....Let BPN do its thing. You have alot of information coming from this sight and they may get an opportunity for a buyout. Also, I will be looking very soon to announce my grand opening soon and I now with more than 10,000 members being able to view my information, I will have the opportunity to reach more.
Amen brother Pastor Jermin...There are only two races the Sons of God and the Sons of Perdition


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