How many ways do you want it?...

In one instance you say you are Black Hebrew Israelites and then when we describe you as such -you are offended and say you're not.

You say you are BLACK Hebrew Israelites not because of your color but because of your nation-hood. However none of you were born in Israel.
And how dare anyone call you 'Israeli'. You say: dont say 'Israeli' say 'Israelite'

You say that you are Black Hebrew Israelites and that there are white Black Hebrew Israelites because they are married to black people and or one of their ascendants were Black or because they fellowship with you. And yet again - there are no white Israelites according to the flesh but in spirit only - IF they keep the commandments...and then again Black people are still Hebrew Israelites even if they do not keep the commandments because we are Hebrew Israelitethe according to the flesh--> we just can't help that we were kissed by the sun.

You say if you are descendants of slaves - you are Israel in the flesh.
There are caucasians that are descendants of enslaved people (enslaved white people) - there are asians that are descendants of enslaved people (enslaved asian people) - are they also Black Hebrew Israelites?

You say you are Black - Yes indeedy. Agreed!
You say you are Hebrew - which means (across the river) thus speaking of Abraham ---> Abraham was Semitic - are guys refusing to be Hamitic and instead claiming to be Semites - if so dont hate on the 'name it and claim it' crowd of Christians. They believe for something and go on as if they recieved it and so have you guys...if indeed this is the case.
You say you are Israelites because -----> Why?

You speak of the Matrix and the Illuminati and the white man and our ignorance - WHAT WAS GOING ON WITH YOU GUYS FROM THE 1600'S TILL NOW.

The ones that you call FAUX Israelites have a story to tell that weaves from Shem to Moses to Jesus to the down fall of Jerusalem in the 1st Century causing their diaspora to their journey throughout Asia, Europe, Africa. No matter where they are in the world and no matter how hated they are in the world and no matter how high things get for them in the world or low and desperate things get for them in the world ----> they are tracked by their God that they have forsaken. No matter how few thier numbers become in the world they will be right here at the end of the world. No matter how many nations of people that come along romanticizing about these fakers are not God's people and thus replacing these so-called FAKE Israelites with their own peoples - these fakers will always be the 'apple of God eye'. And one day - they will say blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord. Then there will be no need for romanticizing about any of that anymore...


Then how does it benefit you over other nations that believe in the living Christ?

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If you state you are bi-racial that will discredit your opinion in their eyes.

They will just chalk up your disbelief as your "evil edomite" side coming through, rather than you actually seeing through their "im not a west african" feel good stories.
If thats the case Zo, thats madness.

Please tell the HBIs this for me Zo:
Obama is black and he was born of a white mother. Still he is a black man.
I am born of two black folk, one with a black mother and a white father and the other one has so much diversity in her background: black slaves and native american and irish and guess what each of us are still black and we dont try to make up fables of being something other than what we are ----> Black.
And it still does not matter to Jesus because Jesus is my friend.
The HBIs hate Obama because his mom is white. They actually call him a dark skinned white man.
Tell that to Rush Limbaugh...Hahahhhahha
If her father's ancestors are slaves, she is an Israelite whether she wants to believe it or not. Edomites are doing exactly what they are suppose to be doing. I don't have anything against the Edomites. I just want people to not be deceived.
Nv---you already said you had white in your DNA/are you recanting ,
and if this so racial why would you be involed in something labeled the black preacher network
" Nv---you already said you had white in your DNA/are you recanting,..."

How could I be recanting if I told you my father's father is white?

"...and if this so racial why would you be involed in something labeled the black preacher network..."

You guys are making salvation a racial thing - not me.
And why would I be apart of BPN?.....Are you serious?

Pharoah, did you say you were Mexican?
we never made salvation a nationality thing you did,you did i merely share my beleif that the son and daughter of slave are none other than the children of Israel ,From that you hav lead the fight against the notion that you people could be choosen of god you've coined you newview BHI ,you know little 2 know scripture,
Pharoah, did you say you were Mexican?

From Hebrew with an Egyptian name to Mexican!

LOL,LOL,LOL (((((Funny)))))
Pharoah, did you say you were Mexican? No
thru ignorance Nv has refer to israelites as a religion,a denomination,amonst alot of other things.dispike countless post telling her israelite is a nationallity

so I place mexican where israelite was in her sentence to reflect the ignorance of the comments that were being made
Ok. You don't have to believe the truth. If your father is the ancestor of a slave, you are an Israelite whether you like it or not. You don't have to believe something for it to be true.
The ONLY part I agree with is the part about the Rothchilds:

"They are the reason why Israel exists today because they started, and facilitated World War One and World War 2 in order to gain control of the land of Israel to establish the state of Israel."

The Rothchilds are the evil of evil when it comes to the Illuminati.


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