I was reading a discussion from another site. The people involved made
some interesting statements...One lady said when women get child
support; this is the only time she sees the woman winning...and the
brother made a point in so many words that the system is only taking the
money and did not design for child support to bring the absent parent
back to the table to be in the child's life.....having said that, who

Here are their statements:

Lady 1 said: When does it benefit us....when we file the child support
papers or the divorce papers.....Until then we bare all the duties...

Gent said....CS is used to replace the absent parent....and I will
co-sign on it being a cop-out because there is no incentive to bring the
absent parent back to the table to be in the childs life. For all the
$$$ that is spent I am sure the child would rather have that love and
experience of being with that parent.

Lady 1's Response to Gents Statement:ok so answer the question...when
does it benefit us...those are the only times I see women winning?

Lady 2 said: Yes and the AP has to WANT to be there until then..... he is paying me to hold it down!

What are your thoughts?

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