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That is why so many Christians and Churches are messed-up today. We have so many people that have called their self to a Ministry and or Title. Everybody want to be, who they want to be, and we forget about who God has called each of us to be! I remember back in the day when you said that you had been called to the office for any ministry, you had to sit under an Anointed, Strong Leader and be taught and confirmed!!!! Now days people just call their self to whatever title they want and open all theses Churches, conduct service like they want to and it's just a personal business to some, WHILE SOULS are Being LOST. What happened to what Jesus wants, What happens to all these people that are LOST outside the four walls of the Churches, ( and inside it too ). My I add; while we are so comfortable in our own little controlled surrounding, collecting money Sunday after Sunday and never doing anything for the local community and sometimes not even for the members in the Church, WOW! OK, it's not all of the Churches that are doing this, but there are a lot! Many are called, Few are Chosen. We as children of God must make our election sure, by knowing that God has called us and chosen us for the ministry that we each stand in, for the day of Judgment will one day come! We are in the New Testament days and from what I can see. read, and understand Timothy states and addresses that a Deacon or Bishop being Men, which would led me to believe and understand that in the beginning; Old Testament states that God made Male and Female, we know the difference by this statement, who is who! God made Man to be the Head and not the Tail. A Woman can never be a Man no matter what position or Title she may hold. Yes God can call whom He pleases, however The Word of God, The Holy Bible was Written for all of us to use as a road map, a tool to guide us in all that we do, we just don't use it sometimes. We allow flesh and pride to cloud our ability to understand the basic truths of just what The Word is saying to us, we twist the Scriptures to fit our lives, our beliefs and The Bible plainly says to never add or take away from The Word of God. In all that we do as Christians we should do it in Jesus Name, not just use the Name! Remember to watch the fruits that we bear!
According to 1st Timothy you are correct, somethings are just for Men and not Women, like the office of a Deacon.
Through out lifetime we see that some women just don't want a Man to do anything they feel they can't do too! When Men started smoking, they wanted to smoke to, ( OK, just let me die from smoke too! ). Women want jobs that Men do, OK the then go lift 100 pounds of whatever! Women were made to be Pretty, Sexy, Smart, Fruitful and a helper to Man walking beside him, not behind him or in front of him, but together. That is why The Word of God says that every Man is to have his own Wife and every Woman to have her own Husband. Let's All read the Bible praying for understanding of what we read and Face The Facts, The Word of God says just what is says, we cannot make it what we want it to be. If the Word of God says Male or He, then that means a MAN!


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