This is a question that has been nagging me for quite some time now, and I would like to have as much feedback as possible.

....."ALL have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God"
....."YE without SIN cast the first stone"

God has trusted us as ministers, prophets, apostles, evangelist with HIS word, and has commanded us to Preach the Word in and out of season. However, there are those of US who, take our authority and/or position as "LEADERS" to be controllers.

Why is it that, we as LEADERS can bring public rebuke to our congregation, especially those who are in leadership positions, and sit them down for there shortcomings, but "WE" can do and say any and everything, and yet stand Sunday after Sunday, to bring a Word from the Lord?

Can someone PLEASE help me understnd. If YOU have the authority to pull people out of position, because they have been captured and overtaken in FLESH, then who SITS us down?

Why are we still singing, preaching, and transferring spirits within our congregations KNOWING what we have done, or doing? But as soon as we hear about those that we've put in leadership positions have given over to flesh, then we want to publicly rebuke.


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Things are to be done decent and in order, in my church we have a chain, if a pastor is acting out of order the church can go to the District Supt. their immediate Bishop and higher if needed, prayerfully God does not have to move.

Many times some churches are set up independently without coverings because they don't want to answer to anyone
Depending on the foundational structure of the church or ministry and it's by-laws,these matters ar approached in dvierse ways. Actually, it should be one's own conviction respect for the calling, genuin concern for the well-being of the flock Godly fear, and love for God hat would compel whatever servant of the Lord, who has breached the covenant with God and the people of God through their individual sins and offenses. EVERYONE should be submited to someone, spiritually accountable, and open to correction and chastisement as well. In some churches the designated board, the deacons,etc. call their leaders in to confront, give account, reason with, chastise, warn, and then ultimately, remove those leaders who refuse to turn away from their sin and abide by the Godly,clergy codeof ethics. If it is a situation that''s seriously out of control, and potentially detrimental to all, if the core leaders or close associates can reach the Spiritual father, or Apostolic counsel,then you can go to them, with discretion, and verbalize your concerns and ask them to intervene. If al else fails, just "keep it moving" until you find the "ark of safety " that suits you and nurtures your spiritual needs.


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