Who is pimpin who? A lot of complaining these days about prophetic pimping and it is happening and is just flat out ungodly. But does the door swing both ways are the people also pimping leaders? Just a whole lot of pimping going on in the Body these days but who is doing it?

Click here to listen to a post I did titled 'Who's Pimpin Who?"

DISCLAIMER: It is not for those that are easily offended and wounded as it is not released with 'political correctness" nor does it ascribe to the spirit released in many churches that has taken the word out of context to hide behind its stuff while saying "touch not my anointed".

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Good afternoon,

I enjoyed the message. Who's Pimpin Who? I have to check and make sure I am not pimpin anybody, or I am not allowing anybody to pimp me. Thank you that was a thought provoking message. Thank you
BK Whitney


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