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That whole fear schtick hasnt been popular since atleast 50 years ago
Bro. Watson, you are so on point!

It is sad that the Pulpit does not teach the totality of the Bible, such as addressing sexual sins which is so rampant within the body of Christ. Marriages are falling apart left and right. Teen pregnancies are still on the rise. The spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah (if I can use that term) is just a prevalent today as was in the OT days. Occults are still in existence and growing.

All you hear is "Jesus loves you and He will supply all your need; sow a seed into this ministry and trust in His promise for a double portion in blessings."

Many of the saints don't really have a clue to what is going on in this world today that is being affected by what is going on in the heavenly places because the only prophetic sermons you're going to hear is "money cometh."

I take the Postion that many, just will not Study. Lazzyness/.avoidness, or any other excuss they may have. I personaly love the book of revelation. I love it so much I'm trying to write a commentary. as a pastor / preacher. I know that the same spirit that give you understanding of. matthew,mark, luke, and john. That same spirit will be with you in the book of revelation. Yes we need this book more than ever now. psss. the book is very time consuming mainly beacuse of the symbolics
Right on! If one cannot read the books of Revelation and Danial from a Hebraic perspective, then these end time messages will not make much sense. Even observant Jews recognize the book of Revelation as being completly Jewish in nature, tone, and substance. See reference:


Also see:


I think the access to the podcast history on the teaching of revelation is available - but you will have to search for it.This series (and book) presents Revelation from a Jewish point of view. I have not gone through the entire series, so I can not give a 'good' review. I lost the entire series that I had downloaded from their podcasts when I lost my hard drive and back up data all in the same day - several months ago. However, what I did get to listen to sounded most interesting!
Thanks Bro. Bowman for the references.
Bro. Watson,

Would you be willing to share some of your teaching material. I am so interested.
Of course, if there is a fee attached, please let me know.

Sis. Pat
One day I was studying in the book of Revelations and God spoke unto and said, "my shepherds are not preparing my people for Christ's return and that I am coming sooner than they think I am." This in September of this year and every since then I had been sharing what he had given me concerning this event. It do take time to study Daniel and Revelation but once you are devoted to what God is trying to show you, things will start to unfold about all of the symbolic features of Daniel and Revelation. Plus the bible has scriptures in Matthew, Mark, Luke, I Thessolonians and 2 Thess. Really throughtout the whole bible concerning his second coming. There are some Christians that have given up on prophechy and the soon return of the Lord Jesus. It our witness as people of God whom he have called to the ministry to carry such tasks, to continue to spread the good news that the risen Lord and Savoir will return and not lose hope as others have. We may called out, spat on, talked about, kicked out, even outcasted, but count it all joy to suffer for the Lord's sake. We must preach and teach the Second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of us are not aware of the satanic attacks against the body of Christ. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places.
True brother Watson there is a difference between the gathering of the saints and the second coming of Christ and that was a type o on the word Revelation my bad lol. God has just been showing me so much concerning both his coming and the gathering of his elect. I am very excited. I haven't been in the minisrty long and He has shown me so much. So please pray for me, we are to draw strength from one another and if we cannot learn from one another then something is wrong. We can never know to much that some one can't tell you anything. I admire your insight and osbervance of the word of God .

Be blessed!
TO God be the Glory on your Comment, nothing but the Truth
Nobody is listening to the end time teachers.

Let's just say YOU are not listening to the end time teachers.

Tell me some end time stuff Sister Harris.


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