Why do you feel CHristians as a whole are not experiencing Gods best for there lives.

We see CHristians are complaing as the world and as unhappy and many times state they are as defeated as the people in the World, why..When most have sat in the CHurch all there lives. We as Pastors would appreciate the responses.

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Christianity is a law free faith. If Christians want to know God, then they have to experience him via his law.
Thanks for your comments.
You know tree by the fruit it bears. The church does not teach from a perspective of love but fear , judgment,and damnation. There is an arrogant assumption that going to church and quoting scripture is equal spiritual growth and it is not. Spiritual growth happens in the heart and in the quiet stillness with the Lord. It is shown when you can act from a heart and spirit of love toward your fellow human beings. But many pastors will tell you that coming to church and paying tithes is what it is about. They will tell you that as long as you say a few words accepting the lord,you are free from taking responsibility for the issues in your life. They feel that as long as they can blame the devil, they don't have to do anything else. This is a false belief that sets people up for failure. These are the seeds that are planted and their lives are the fruit that is produced.

We must teach people that 1st they were created in the image of God and therefore carry the qualities of greatness in their dna. They can do all things through Christ so stop playing the victim. 2. As they think so will they be. This is divine law that you thoughts create your reality. If you don't like what you are getting, you have to change your thoughts. This is also a law of cause and effect. Look at the seeds you are planting to produce the effects you are getting. 3. The highest law is love and if you can just do that, you will go far. That is to say real love, not fear, control, jealousy, etc. Love , giving without condition. 4. You must cultivate a personal relationship with God from within and be open to what God has to say in your heart without presuppositions. As long as you try to understand God from the outside and not through the Holy Spirit, you will find conflict. 5 Admit you don't know and be open to learning. At some point you have to say, I may have misunderstood something. 6. Realize that we are all hear to learn and grow and that many times we are given what we need to do that, not necessarily what you want. Ask yourself what am I suppose to learn from this situation? 7. Stop blaming the Devil and take responsibility for your choices. You have to give your LIFE over to God, not just your Sunday morning and chump change for the basket. How do you live on a daily basis? With love and kindness, or negativity, fear, guilt, anger, etc?
This is so well written.It is very good to hear some balance in the Body of CHrist. You points are acurate and well written. May the lord bless you Woman Of God.


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