I know a lot of men that love the Lord but often say they are not thrilled with church....Why?

1) Overbearing Pastors
2) Church is too dressy
3) Programs are geared toward women
4) Not enough ministry and too much fund raising and fluff
5) Other

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I agree there are many reasons, I have been a minister for almost 30 years, and I have seen Pastors that literally drive men away from church because of their insecurity as a leader.
I am in the COGIC and too many COGIC churches have these types of Pastors, They usually have weak deacon Boards that make no decisions in the church, and many of these pastors like women because they can control them, After spending 23 years in the military and being in combat twice, preaching for almost 30 years, earning a Master and working on a Doctorate...I think at time pastors are intimidated by men like me, I am respectful but I am a strong man, I love the Lord and I love ministry, that is one reason I am a Chaplain, serving in local churches is draining because of all the political BS and buttkissing...JMHO!
It is Ok to disagree, that is what men do. You are still my brother. Weak men don't allow disagreements, and that is my point. I have had pastors that act like dictators NOT leaders. A leader want honest answers and will allow discussion and questions.


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