Why is it so hard for Men of God to Step up with out stepping on each other.

The Bible Declares that the man is the head of the house but why is it that women (who are equally anointed) are running the house. When men start to step up they sometimes feel like they have to defeat the next man in order to get in that place. What are your thoughts

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Before I answer this question, is the next man a 'man' or a 'woman'? Please let me know, then I could answer you better.

Man or woman
it sounds to me there are some emotions caught up in this question with a slight bit of anger to feel you have to defeat a man or woman to declare you place is wrong not sure if your talking about a job or ministry. But if you are a child of God anything you are having problems with should always be given to god not having any harsh feelings towards anyone at all.also if you feel you must defeat someone it may not be your time for promotion Let GODS Will Be Done. PS assuming you are talking about you.
no i was not taking about me.
Bro. Shawn,

I think it is pride. Men and women are taught to be strong and if you want something you have to go for it. Which brings on competition in the church. Amongst the brothers and the sisters, and if they feel that way you have to ask yourself why? What is it that I need the Lord to deliver me from? Romans 12:2 - And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
Bro. Shawn sometimes we come in with the worldly mind and we have to really renew, rethink, and refocus on who we are serving. The only way that we will be renew, and can rethink and refocus is by the Word of God.

Also the reason why most women are running the house today is because men left out of their position.

I hope I have helped.

Thank you bridgett thats good. I was not talking about myself i was speaking of men in general in the body of christ.
now that you have made it clear on what you meant then i have another answer to share. Pleas forgive me if my answer approach was towards you, you did not say it wasn't but in general if men in the church feel they have to compete with women something is truly wrong there is an order that god has commanded his church to follow and that is the only way it should be run there is room for everyone to express them self in the body of christ without others feeling they have to fight for their right. Something truly is wrong if you are seeing this happen.I suggest you seek God and pray this is no thing but a spirit of confusion if you just keep your eyes on what God is doing in your life and pray these worries will pass. No church is perfect and as god children we must not allow our self to get caught up with the foolishness in the church its happening in all church's but don't allow it to hinder you in your walk with the lord . I hope this helps God bless my brother.
Bro. Shawn,

I was speaking in general. Not that you were the person. Sorry .


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