I've noticed the church online becoming more and more caught up in issues, male, female issues, the clothes issue, the holiness issue, this issue and that issue.

Jesus gave a parable about a woman with issues (Luke 8;43) you know the story. She had to press in throught the crowd to get her deliverance and healing.

The same thing with those who get caught up in controversial things that cannot change a man's heart. They too have to "press" through the "crowd" of religious folks to get to Jesus, for that is what issues do, they stop us getting to Jesus.

People with issues will always preach issues, people with Jesus preach Jesus! Issues are man made stains on a garment caused by the womans impurity and monthly cycle. I'ts a disease of the "church" (woman) that rises up when we fail to deal with the "impurities" in our own life. Issues come from religious mistreatment and religious control. We get into issues when we by the flesh try to change a person externally, rather than trusting God's spirit to change them internally by his power. It's what we preach when we don't trust his hand and dont understand his grace!

Issues are man made and flesh created. That's why the woman with issues touched Jesus "gament." Only God's touch can deliver the flesh, only God's hand can make you whole. Only God's power can loose a person from being attracted and distracted by issues. People who have received a touch by God's hand don't dwell on issues, people who have been touched and hurt by religion do!

Lord help me its not my time of the month to talk about this stuff, there again I must be free from the pain of a miscarriage somewhere. Are You?

The woman wanted a garment exchange. I dont know about you but I got rid of my stained garment the day I began to preach his name... so join me, let the issues die and Jesus live, change your gament and preach Jesus, he's my issue how about you!

Brother Paul

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The issue some church pastors are afraid of preaching on issues of sin because of fear of losing members so they preach on financial prosperity depending on the demographic being preached to


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