wife ministry(feeding the homless physically and spiritually) is 95% men, i am in my 4yr walk with Christ. 2 months married. need some advice

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Keep Christ in the center of your marriage, trust I went through it when I first got married. As the man of God and the Chief Priest of your home,make sure you institute prayer and daily devotions to make sure you and your wife are on one accord. And watch out for her hatin' behind friends and family and be the gatekeeper of your home. Know who's coming in and who's going out. And know that the enemy will try to usurp your authority, its his job. Just stand on Gods Word no matter what. Do the things of God and 'da heck with everyone else and God will not only bless you but exalt you. And don't stay in church too long, remember YOU ARE THE CHURCH, its how beautiful are the feet of those who bring the Good News of Christ and Glad Tidings of the Gospel, not the church building. My job as my wife's husband and my childrens father is first to PROTECT, CULTIVATE and to PROVIDE. And provision, unlike most women would tell you is not just green paper but to be the spiritual provider and the feeding of the Word of God. Kind of hard for a woman to call you out of your name if you just prayed God's blessings over her..:) And whatever you do, watch out for the inlaws, keep 'em at a distance and not allow what goes on in your crib to be allowed out of your house. What goes on in your house, stays in your house. Trust I had to put my proverbial foot down. And watch out for this pimp preachers who think a woman is always right. Find a real man of God who can minister to the both of you without always trying to beat up on the husband, that's not the Gospel, but the Gospel of Oprah. There are very few men of God I would even allow in my home let alone in my bizness. And just be wise like an serpeant and gentle like a dove and test and try every spirit who walks and talks in your house and to your wife. Question, how did Adam allow the snake to even speak to his wife?

Peace my brother. And know I'm a keep it real.
Heavenly Father Brother Marshall, thank you that your word gives knowledge,instrution,wisdom,and understanding to all who pays attention to its truth.You promised to impart wisdom to us if Marshall will listen to your words and attain unto your wise counsels.We,(Marshall) therefore enter your presence with trust knowing that you will give us wisdom,,,Heavenly Father fill us with the spirit of wisdom so that we (Marshall) will be able to discern your will....With You Lord there is both Strength and Wisdom,,,,(Job 12:13)....
I really want to help in any way I possible can but I'm confused as to what the you are asking because I dont understand what "wife ministry(feeding the homless physically and spiritually) is 95% men" means. Please clarify.
I have been married now almost 2years this July and I am trying to be more understanding towards my bride. We love each other but it's not well,PERFECT. Be the best husband you can be and pray for one another.
Lift her up in prayer. And most of all if you know she loves the lord, and is truly saved, just trust her to do what is right. She will.


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