With so many vacant pulpits arcoss this vast United States why are so many preachers choosing to start new Ministries?
There seem to be an over abundance of churches going with out proper leadership (pastor) that they are beginning to close their doors or renting their space to new ministries which seem to be popping up on a daily basis.
Why is there such a trend for preachers to organize new ministries instead of helping to galvanize older ministries which may only really need good old fashion prayer and guidance?
What are your thoughts

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Amen but the reason why alot of Pasor's in my area and alot of other Pastor's I've spoken to is because the people keeps pulling against them because once a person has gotten use to doing a certain thing a certain way then a new Pastor comes along and try to change things it doesn't work. Excuse me but older people our set in their ways and its hard to revitualize the church and take it to a newer demision in Christ when you have people constantly knocking everything your trying to do. Another thing is people has gotten to relax and forgotten thier place and PURPOSE in God so they can't fully see the vision that God has given the Pastor. Then you have some Pastor because it was spoken that they were to Pastor just jump up and went and started a church, this is the #1 reason why churches is closing today. I had offered to help another Pastor with her ministry so she wouldn't have to keep traveling back and forth and she told me No i was tryin to take over her ministry.So its a various of reason why pastor's do that. I myself would rather take a church under me and help them to regroup as body and not groups.
one of the promblems is that we dont no how to wait on the lord anymore however on the other hand the leaders that are their are afraid to past the tourch the word of god say that he gives you pastors out of his choosing(parapharsing) the young minister does not wants to wait or does not want toaccept the training for the position the older does want to give to the young because of sevral reason the w2ord of god is just what it is and we are not to add take away to it leaders are made not to the one that can preach the best not to the one that can sing the best we have to many organazations and calling them ministries and the bottom line is that the souls are dying in the house of god the people are being scattered what does god word upon this rock i will build my church and the gates of hell shall prevail against it so we having churches build by man the bible says in the book of psalms 127:1 except the lord builds the house they labour in vain who builds it gods house is built on prayers gods house is built on love gods house is built on the word of god
I believe you all have made good points but let me add further:

This is happening because that's exactly what happened in the book of Acts. The Great Commission of the gospel went through three phases: Judea (kinfolk), Samaria (kinfolk not in our church or friends close to us), and the uttermost part of the earth (Unchurched).

The Jerusalem Church which began with about 3,000 on Pentecost by all historical accounts grew to around 12,000 by the great persecution that scattered the church in Acts 8:1-2. From this point forward men like Stephen and Philip came boldly to the front line while the apostles worked still yet in the Jerusalem congregation. Peter was at first afraid to approach Cornelius because of his limited understanding of the spread of the Kingdom (Acts 10). And finally, Paul and Barnabas was separated from the Jewish believers and sent to Gentile churches in phase three (Acts 13). This is where the greater ministry took place (unchurched).

So there is nothing wrong with any of your aforementioned accounts; just the Devil doing what he does and the cycle of growth in the church (pruning and growing) taking place. Some must move on, and some must stay behind.

It's all for good!
The reason why this is happening is for two reasons:

1. These men (and women) who start these new "ministries" call themselves doing God a favor by trying to break "traditions."

2. These new leaders today don't want to have to deal with TRUE holiness.

If God has called you to a position or a place He will work out any and all situations that need to be worked out. These men (and women) who start these new ministries KNOW that they can't get away with the foolishness they want to leading people who KNOW the Word and seasoned enough to be able to handle the foolishness they TRY to bring into the house.
All these "new" things we have brought into the house of God has done more harm than good.
They don't preach holiness they preach humanism these days.
This is why they want to start their own ministries. They want to do as they want to do and use the Word of God to spread their delusions, lies and deceit.
Thats not all true my brother. Its comes to a point in Pastoring when a pastor has done all he could at that particular location and was called out by god to go forth. It has nothing to do with them wanting to be boss all through for some its part of it but the big picture is that they have out grown the congregation and its time to move on.
Where is that scripture for that?
Last I checked "pastoring" is not a JOB its a life.
How can you change lives just because you don't like the people or the people don't like you?
Maybe I do't understand because I wasn't raised in that type of church but where is that in scripture?


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